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ASPEN by Canal Engineering Limited

Hardwearing products for hardworking environments

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Cranswick Country Foods

Aspen Stainless supplied bespoke stainless-steel solutions to the UK’s leading food producer Cranswick. Aspen worked closely with Trundley Design to design effective hygienic plant equipment for a number of food processing plants across the UK.The drainage system was installed to support the cleaning regime and water flow around the factory. This blended perfectly with the John Lord flooring design and allowed for waste to drain effectively into the surrounding channels and gullies; creating a seamless connection between the systems and prevented any standing waste and bacteria from building up.

Hygienic stainless steel

In dairy industries it's vital that hygiene standards are kept to a high standard. Drainage and kerbing are important products that need consideration. To reduce costs, many may opt for concrete, however over time concrete dries out and is prone to cracking. This can jeopardise a hygienic environment as unwanted bacteria will harbour in the cracks Alternatively, drainage and wall kerbing. Stainless steel is resistant to caustic cleaning materials and lactic acid, which are common elements in a dairy. This resistance ensures that the ss surface does not corrode or weaken making it an excellent long term solution.

Showing 1-2 of 2