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Landscape Forms - 35 Collection of Street Furniture

The 35 Collection is a family of street furniture elements with a youthful spirit and a mission to promote social life in outdoor spaces. Created in collaboration with Frog, the design powerhouse renowned for the first Apple computer, 35 integrates forms from architecture and nature in outdoor furniture for the 21st century. The collection includes nine elements: Chill, an iconic chaise lounge; Mingle, a table with attached seats and its companion Shade, a colourful winged shade structure; the Sit four-legged bench and Stay cantilevered bench; Pitch, a litter receptacle with a lyrical shape; and three new high performance products: Signal, an innovative LED pedestrian and streetscape light; Guide, an illuminated bollard; and Loop, a bike rack with a twist.

Landscape Forms Chipman Chair and Table

Design that inspires the mind and transforms the space. The Chipman Collection is part of Terrace Life: lifestyle furniture for terraces, rooftop gardens and other private and protected spaces. Designed by landscape architect Robert Chipman and inspired by the curves and hollows of the mountains he loves, the new collection features a table and chair of stunning sculptural form conceived for more intimate social settings. The lightweight cast-aluminium chair is offered with or without arms; the 1150mm round table comes in dining and lounge heights; both are flawless in detail and finish.

Landscape Forms Concord Street Furniture Collection

Concord is an integrated collection of street furniture elements in a Modern Traditional idiom. Created in collaboration with Robert A. M. Stern Designs, Concord is informed by the past and contemporary in spirit. The collection embraces progress and new technologies, with a view of the landscape as a place of respite and pleasure. Concords five elements include a bench, a litter and recycling bin, a pedestrian light, a pathway light, and a bike rack, all related in form, scale and materials, and individual in expression and detail. The collection adds a new and distinctive design perspective to Landscape Forms integrated street furniture solutions.

Landscape Forms FGP Street Furniture Collection

FGP is an integrated collection of street furniture and lighting from Milan-based designer Francisco Gomez Paz. The FGP Collection includes five elements: a bench, litter receptacle, cycle stand and pedestrian and path LED lights. The visual language is elegant and light. Elements have a fluid simplicity with subtly curved structural frames that give them a soft appearance. While contemporary in line and spirit, the collection echoes familiar forms, making it both welcoming and very modern. Manufactured using cast aluminium structural parts, with seating surfaces produced from durable locally sourced hardwoods, all assembled in the UK.

Landscape Forms Metro40 Street Furniture Collection

When Landscape Forms set out to develop the first comprehensive and integrated collection of elements for the street and transport hubs, it partnered with a world-leading expert. BMW Group Designworks brought to the challenge a deep understanding of the role of public transport in the life of the city, and unsurpassed mastery in form making and innovative use of materials. The Metro 40 Collection, from benches and bollards to bus shelters and LED lighting, is a pioneering line of street furniture and transport elements with sophistication and global appeal for a world on the move.

Landscape Forms Morrison Collection of Outdoor Furniture

Escape the everyday, create an everyday escape. The Morrison products for Terrace Life make memorable moments happen on terraces, patios, roof gardens and is intended and warrantied for use in these and other protected public and private spaces. Designed by renowned modernist architect Lionel Morrison, an elegant high table with stools and a wide, low bench provide new ways of connecting and a welcoming ambience in special social spaces. Floating frames create a form language and panel inserts in a choice of glass, steel, concrete or wood provide texture and tone. Seamless connections and flawless finishes are the essence of finesse.

Landscape Forms MultipliCity Street Furniture Collection

MultipliCITY is an international collection of street furniture elements that gives new meaning to the term global design. Created and developed in partnership with celebrated design innovators Yves Behar and fuseproject, MultipliCITY is a flexible, dynamic system that addresses multiple scales, applications and creative expressions and includes six elements: a backed and backless bench, table, cycles stand, LED path light and litter bin. Manufactured using cast aluminium structural parts, with seating surfaces produced from durable locally sourced hardwoods, all assembled in the UK.

Landscape Forms Parallel 42 Bench System

Parallel 42 is a modular wooden bench system thats much more than a bench. Its four easy pieces provide elegantly simple building blocks for activating social space. Right hand, left hand, straight and wedge modules form simple and complex configurations. Distribute them or cluster them, line them up or branch them out. Parallel 42 provides handsome seating, defines borders and frames spaces around complementary site elements. Manufactured from durable locally sourced hardwoods, all assembled in the UK.

Landscape Forms White Book

For more than 40 years Landscape Forms has been producing site furniture and lighting that help designers and other clients create a sense of place in outdoor environments. We do it through integrated product collections, leading edge technology and great design. We partner with international designers to create exceptional products, we nurture our own people to high achievement, and we operate our business at a standard that has earned customer loyalty and leadership in our industry. Our secret is simple: Design, Culture, Craft drive everything we do

Metalco Bollards Brochure

Artform Urban Furniture offer a comprehensive range of architectural bollard designs, as part of a co-ordinated range of specialist street furniture solutions. Both standard height and low level bollards are available from our range. We can offer static, removable, telescopic and illuminated bollards in a wide range of materials, therefore allowing us to provide you with a perfect solution to your project.

Metalco Cycle Stands

Artform Urban Furniture are constantly supplying unique and fresh solutions to outdoor bike storage and public cycle stands throughout the UK. Our collection offers significantly different products, to the standard designs seen throughout the industry and incorporates a variety of materials. We can even provide you with illuminated cycle stands for greater security and visibility. Please contact our knowledgeable projects team to discuss options for your scheme.

Metalco Litter Bins

Artform Urban Furniture offer an extensive range of public litter bins and recycle systems that are designed to cope with the most demanding usage of busy urban settings. Our attractive and diverse selection provide an extensive assortment of quality materials, including stainless steel, ultra high performance concrete and corten, including a selection of fixing systems and corporate branding to ensure the perfect design for any project.

Metalco My Beast

Great design is revealed when obsessive attention to detail is present, and when it came to designing MyBeast there was nothing left to chance. The core structure is made using an innovative material in order to achieve solidity and strength properties of concrete together with the resistance and tensile strength of steel. Each stainless steel accessory has been hand-polished to make it flawless to touch. All the manufacturing is performed in Italy, benefiting from substantial industrial expertise and a craftsmanship-grade quality. To help create a more immersive training experience the MyBeast has been enhanced with proximity-based technologies and incorporated top fitness trainers to develop specific exercises for each Stage.

Metalco My Equilibria

My Equilibria is the worlds first outdoor fitness system based on instinctive body movements. This unique design is a game-changing concept that redefines workout experience and tears down boundaries between art, high-end wellness equipment and community. Smooth concrete surfaces seamlessly meet steel components, guaranteeing maximum stability, safety and performance. Biomechanics of each installation and cutting-edge materials provide indisputable comfort, maximum training results and multi-sensory stimulation. My Equilibria is a new approach to outdoor fitness that is engineered to leverage the bodys innate intelligence, authentic movement, and the underlying drive to stay well, look well and live well.

Metalco Planters

Artform Urban Furniture supply the worlds most inspiring street furniture planters as part of a co-ordinated range of contemporary street furniture solutions. We offer high quality, design led planters that incorporate an array of materials, including corten steel, ultra high performance concrete. Some of which can be incorporated into our seating systems, making them perfect for public realm, retail, commercial and hospitality, as well as high end residential schemes.

Metalco Seating

Artform Urban Furniture supply the worlds most inspiring outdoor seating and bench designs, as part of a co-ordinated range of exceptional street furniture solutions. Our outdoor seating collection boasts the most comprehensive range of materials on the market, with options such as sealed corten steel, anodised cast aluminium, timber and marble & granite plus the highly innovative ultra high performance concrete. Coupled with innovative design features, including completely hidden fixing details and lighting systems, ensuring that we have the perfect seating solution for you, no matter what the project. Please contact our knowledgeable projects team to discuss seating options for your scheme.

Metalco Shelters

Our range offers both contemporary and classic designs which include a host on integrated features and the ability to personalise the design.

Metalco Vitaurbana

Life is made of encounters, exchanges and also open-air activities when it comes to the urban landscape, where a space comes alive through human interaction. Vitaurbana (urban life) creates new ways to live in the city, conceiving a collection which embodies the historic concept of "square". The collection matches a captivating design with the most up to date connected technology. Our goal is to provide an alphabet where everyone can create their own urban vocabulary and invent new places, new spaces to live in the city. Big planters carrying public seats which connect the space, because "every place is home"

Showing 1-27 of 27