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Calcium Sulphide Anhydrite Flowing screed

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251 Newington Causeway

43 storey high rise with under floor heating. Gyvlon Thermio+ liquid screed was chosen as the screed depth is thinner than the original specification, giving better insulation depth and a better performance for the UFH with Thermio’s guaranteed Thermal Performance.

B&M Wolverhampton

The client required a large shop floor leveling on a tight time frame. The 6000m2 floor ranged from 18-35mm in depth, with a tight time frame. Gyvlon Excelio bonded at 18-35mm was the chosen product due to the speed, strength and cost savings. The large floor was poured over 3 days with trades being able to light foot traffic within 24 hrs and full site traffic within 48 hrs ensuring the tight frame was achieved. By using Ready mix Gyvlon Excelio the customer saved time and money by replacing a bagged self leveler with Gyvlon Excelio.

CV Pumping

A faster drying screed required over Lewis metal decking system on a first floor. Gyvlon FD, the screed is compatible with the Lewis system and gave the client the re assurance that the 6 week deadline would comfortably be achieved. Floor was dry for floor coverings after 28 days.

Derby Civic Center

Refurbishment of a historic building to form an office complex for Derby City Council. The existing floor was in poor repair and degraded and the architects had restrictions on floor build up. With time being of the essence the main contractor needed a material which could be installed quickly and safely. Gyvlon XTR was chosen for its increased strength, due to the commercial applications (C35/F7). XTR can be laid at 40mm reducing the floor section compared to sand cement screed. 40mm XTR Gyvlon screed resolved all the issues and 11,000m2 was successfully installed to the delight of the main contractor.

Stadthaus N1

The nine storey timbered framed apartments completed giving a solid floor finish. SoundBar eliminating the normal wooden floor issues of creaking floor boards and sound transmission.

The Shard

The Challenge was To pump screed 47 floors up in a ‘single pump’ operation. And to lay 1800m2 a day for the Shangri La Hotel section of The Shard. 40mm Gyvlon SKY on a resilient layer to part E, pumped internally in the building to allow the glass cladding and other operations to continue. Single pump operation at 14m3 per hour up 200 metres

Tile Showroom Kings Heath Birmingham

A thick tile floor covering meant a reduced floor section buildup, plus reduced construction joints to aid tiling. Ground floor 45mm Gyvlon ECO over 90mm insulation on a beam and block substrate First Floor 45mm Gyvlon ECO on a precast plank substrate. Gyvlon was used to reduce the floor build on both floors plus reducing the need for construction joints. This gave the client more flexibility on the thick floor coverings and eased installation with reduced construction joints.

Urban Splash Longlands Luxury Apartments

Refurbishment of an old mill, using electrical underfloor heating. 50mm Gyvlon screed incorporating the electrical underfloor heating. The Gyvlon screed was easily pumped into the upper and subsequent floors speeding up installation compared to sand cement screeds. The design also maximized the effectiveness of the underfloor heating, whilst complying with Part E of the Build regulations.

Showing 1-8 of 8