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Bow River Village, London

This mixed use development on the southern fringes of the Olympic Park utilised the Nexus® system to achieve flawless brick-faced soffits to the hundreds of door and window heads. Nexus is a two-part brick soffit system that combine a high integrity stainless steel brickwork support system with custom-designed prefabricated brick faced soffit units. Being 70% lighter than traditional cast concrete solutions, the Nexus soffit system is simply lifted and bolted into position by hand and, as the brick slip facing is manufactured from the same batch as the main brickwork, presents a perfect colour and texture match for flawless transitions.

Lakhta Center, St Petersburg, Russia

The Lakhta Center is a large mixed-use non-residential development featuring the first supertall skyscraper in St. Petersburg. The 87 floor, 462 metre superstructure consists of a cylindrical reinforced concrete core. Due to exceptional reinforcement volumes, Ancon reinforcing bar couplers and headed anchors were used extensively in the construction of the foundation raft to avoid unnecessary overlapping of bars and minimise congestion. Nearly 80,000 CXL32 couplers were used for the splicing of 32mm horizontal reinforcing bars, and over 45,000 CXL32HA and 6,000 MBT ETHA32 headed anchors were used at the extremities of the reinforcement at the edges of the raft.

Queensferry Crossing, Forth Estuary, Scotland

Over 100,000 Ancon Rebar Couplers were used to support the concrete of one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world. Reinforcing bars which strengthen the concrete deck, towers and end piers had to be reliably, mechanically connected end to end throughout the structure. To perform this hidden, but vital structural task, Bartec Plus Parallel Threaded Couplers were selected from the comprehensive Ancon range. Various types and sizes, to match rebar diameters from 12-40mm, were supplied, with the three largest sizes being used to join reinforcement running the full height of the three 680ft support towers.

Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, London School of Economics, UK

Ancon designed and manufactured the complex stainless steel brick support and restraint system behind the complicated façade of the award-winning LSE Saw Swee Hock Student Centre. The attractive masonry façade uses 175,000 handmade bricks to form both solid and perforated areas. The Ancon stainless steel system comprises special inclined MDC type brick support angles fixed back to 30/20 cast-in channels and bespoke rolled hollow section Windposts, featuring surface-fixed channels to accept wall ties, positioned at mullion locations strategically hidden within the perforated brickwork.

Switch House, Tate Modern Extension, London

The latest architectural wonder to rise from the banks of the Thames is Switch House, the highly anticipated extension to Tate Modern, which opened in June 2016. Ancon’s contribution to this landmark project was the fabrication of 12,000 special stainless steel corbels and over 600,000 stainless steel pins which now support and restrain the stunning brick façade, helping to turn this unusual design concept into a reality. With construction now complete, Ancon’s critical structural components are completely hidden from view, leaving onlookers to simply marvel at the overall effect and the ingenuity at work.

TeploTie used in First Zero-Carbon Retrofit

Ancon TeploTie, the innovative low thermal conductivity Wall Tie, has been used in the UK’s first retrofit to achieve zero-carbon Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. TeploTie wall ties are ideal for retrofit projects as they can be resin-fixed into existing walls. The project involved the refurbishment of a semi-detached home, built in the 1840s with solid brick walls. The front elevation is internally insulated to preserve the original brickwork. The U-value of the walls is now 0.11W/mK2, 16 times better than before.

Showing 1-6 of 6