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Ahmarra Door Solutions Ltd

Ahmarra Door Solutions Ltd

Fire Door Manufacture & Installation

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Martyn Fennell

Business Development Director


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Sales Director

Sales & Estimating

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Sales & Estimating Manager


Kate Jones

Marketing Manager

Ahmarra is one of the UK’s leading Q-Mark certified fire door manufacturers and installers.

Our core services include the design, manufacture, installation and project management of internal doorsets and glazed screens.

We work closely with architects, construction contractors, design managers, building surveyors and fire safety officers to meet the bespoke requirements of their projects, and have also developed sector specific ranges to aid design decisions and specification.

Based in Hampshire, Ahmarra have been manufacturing doorsets for over 30 years. We are proud to fly the flag for British manufacturing, utilising traditional craftsmanship, cutting edge technology and the finest materials to guarantee exceptional standards.

We are also committed to sustainable working practices, and as such, use FSC® certified timber sourced from responsibly managed forests to manufacture our products.

Made to order, each doorset is perfectly suited to it’s opening. A one stop shop solution is available covering compatible architectural ironmongery, glazed screens, skirting boards, plinths, extension lining, architraves and panelling.

Our commitment to our clients is based on 360° confidence providing you with the highest quality of service from early design, Fire Door CPD, pro-active VE, toolbox talks, innovation, quality products on site and after sales support.

Our experienced specification and commercial team are always on hand to offer guidance.

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Internal Apartment Entrance Doors with Dual Security & Fire Specification

Internal Apartment Entrance Doors with Dual Security & Fire Specification

Brunel University FD30 & FD60 Fire Doors

Brunel University FD30 & FD60 Fire Doors

Octavia House School Fire Doorsets

Octavia House School Fire Doorsets


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Education Range Door Brochure

Education Range Door Brochure

Healthcare Door Range Brochure

Healthcare Door Range Brochure

Quick Service Door Range

Quick Service Door Range

Artisan Panel Door Collection

Artisan Panel Door Collection

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