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AATi (Antislip Antiwear Treads International)

Specialists in anti-slip anti-wear pedestrian surfaces

+44 (0)1376 346278 www.aati.co.uk

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AATi - The most durable nosings!

All AATi designs include a cast profile with encapsulated silicon carbide in the wearing surface. This ensures the pedestrian has the very best antislip foot contact on the stairway, both at initial contact as full body load is put on to and leaves the step. Casting the profile means that product design features are not constrained by the extrusion process and therefore standard or bespoke features can be designed into a final product, often with the benefit of 3D CAD visualisation. These two facts above allow a unique product to be developed with an architecturally functional and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

AATi Anti-slip Stair Nosings for London Bridge Station

AATi supplied a staggering 2500 metres (1.55 miles) of cast metal anti-slip stair nosings for the major re-development at London Bridge Station! AATi worked closely with Laing O’Rourke to develop a phased delivery schedule in order to hit key milestones during the projects construction from January 2016 right through to December 2017. Due to the unique ability to manufacture bespoke cast metal products, AATi were on hand to resolve an issue on the project by designing a bespoke nosing to fit around the handrail posts throughout the station.

AATi New Cast Metal Antislip Stair Nosing - SN9/65B for Here East - Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

AATi developed a new product – SN9/65B for the novel Here East centre which will inhabit companies with like-minded innovative thinking. These enterprises push the boundaries of technology with their creativity expertise and vision. This inspired East London hub will accommodate organisations from all backgrounds no matter how large or small. The SN9/65B features a unique bevelled back edge and complies with current Building Regulations (document K) and eliminates the need to rebate the substrate to accept the nosing, therefore speeding up installation time.

Coal Drops Yard - Kings Cross London

AATi Commercial supplied over 1500 metres of cast metal anti-slip stair nosings for the Coal Drops Yard project. Historically this site was used to store coal (London’s only available energy source at the time), On the discovery of electricity the use of coal was challenged and electricity prevailed driving the coal sheds into deterioration. Staircases are perfectly poised throughout this re-developed retail quarter providing access to shops and restaurants on all levels. With the vast amount of heavy pedestrian footfall expected, the AATi stair nosing product ref: SN9/55 in Cast Iron (zinc plated black) was chosen.

Cutty Sark, Greenwich - Once the most famous of the great tea clippers.

The name ‘clipper’ refers to the fast sailing ships of the nineteenth century that navigated the world’s major trading routes bringing tea crop from China. Now listed by National Historic Ships as part of the National Historic Fleet, and preserved as a museum ship. . AATi were on hand to create replica cast metal stair nosings using originals from the ship, over time, they have severely worn down to a dangerous condition. With a few performance enhancing tweaks to the original design, AATi were able to increase the longevity of these unique stair nosings and created fantastic replicas.

Kings Cross Triplets - Contractor: Maylim Limited Kings Cross Triplets cast Gunmetal bespoke floor plates The Kings Cross Triplets also known as Gas Holders 10, 11 & 12

Decommissioned in the late 20th century and the Triplets have now been restored and currently reside in their new home north of Regents Canal, facilitating new studio apartments. For the new renovation, it would have been a shame not to include any cast metal components, which have been deeply imbedded into London’s habitat over the years. AATi were on hand to deliver Cast Gunmetal SN30/60 anti-slip stair nosings along with curved Gunmetal anti-slip Floor Plates as pictured right. These Floor Plates suit the external radius of the Gas Holder Triplets.

THFC - Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

After a much anticipated wait Spurs have finally moved into their new stadium. The stadium is now one of the largest in the Premier League with a capacity of 62,062, boasting the world’s first dividing retractable football pitch to reveal a synthetic turf underneath, enabling NFL matches to be played at White Hart Lane along with concerts and other events. Working closely with F3 Architects to create a bespoke design incorporating the clubs branding onto theanti-slip stair nosings. Bespoke design is just one service that AATi can offer, with the latest 3D printing and CNC machining.

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