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TerrixR RD-PS-S-polymer-silicate-render

Product data sheet

TerrixR RD-PS-S-polymer-silicate-render

by F&T Terrix Limited

A premium polymer-silicate thin coat render for spray application that is flame retardant, has very high resistance to the elements, won’t crack or flake, very resistant to algae/staining and is more suitable for winter applications than acrylic or silicone renders due to its partly chemical bonding properties. Terrix®Render is based on innovative Swiss, patented technology converting potassium water glass into a polymer. Polymer-silicate render offers all advantages of well know silicate renders without limitations related to the application process (silicate renders are very often used for renovation of historical/listed buildings due to its longevity). Due to its mineral characteristic and lack of surface electrostatics, the product is the most dirt resistant type of the render on the ma

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