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F&T Terrix Limited

F&T Terrix Limited

Official UK distributor of Terrix® Polymer Silicate Renders, Paints & Plaster Systems.

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F&T Terrix® are the official UK distributor of the worlds highest spec Polymer Silicate systems, delivering sustainable green solutions for new homes and restoration properties. Presently the commercial market accepts that a facade or internal wall must be refreshed every few years, we don't believe this to be the case anymore. The introduction of polymer silicate into the commercial market means that now, not only heritage renovations will last for decades rather than years. We are gaining a reputation for offering high-quality innovative materials, in the construction, housing, commercial and healthcare sector as well as naturally being the best solution for heritage properties in the UK.


The Terrix® range offers property owners and developers an array of benefits over other comparable products applied in the UK with no market comparison, these materials are the only system in the world that offers long term no delamination and longest guaranteed protection of colours, waterproofing alongside fire rating (Cat A, B).


The Terrix® range offers many unique features:

·      In-built protection of heat contributes to the insulation

·      Breathability

·      Moisture protection

·      Flame retardancy

·      Long-life colour 

·      No maintenance

·      Black mould, algae and dirt resistant

·      Chemical bond means no delamination, no blistering or peeling of any finishing

·      No risk of cracking

·      No water penetration - resistance to the weather

·      Salt coastal area barrier

·      Pollution proof


Alongside these unique benefits, sprayable versions offer a reduction in project build and labour times with lower material usage. 


We are working alongside a growing number of developers, councils and architects who are seeking long term building fabrics to increase the longevity of the finish and reduce maintenance issues. We are also gaining support from the building insurance sector who are seeking to reduce claims and long-term risks, standard applications are posing.


If you are planning future design or repairs on your housing stock, looking to introduce new building methods to solve problematic build processes and offer the tenant or asset owner a maintenance-free, long term build fabric then look no further.


The Terrix® range is applied to last.

Trade names

  • F&T Terrix®
  • Terrix®