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Resin flooring Elladur SF S system

Design guide

Resin flooring Elladur SF S system

by Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring


Elladur SF S is s build coating system using polyaspartic fast curing advanced materials to provide a tough and durable gloss finish. Elladur SF S is UV stable and has low odour and extremely low VOC content (volatile organic compounds. Because of the fast curing performance in a few hours several coats of Elladur can be applied in a day. Where anti-slip finishes are required aggregates can be incorporated to create textured floor finishes. See the Elladur SF SR system for this. Decorative systems can be created incorporating coloured flakes or quartz. See the Elladur Deco Flake SF and Elladur Deco Quartz SF system guides for these resin flooring finishes. Whilst being tough and durable as a resin floor coating Elladur SF also has a degree of flexibility for a wide range of applications.

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