Newton 203-RM High Strength Repair Mortar

Technical data sheet

Newton 203-RM High Strength Repair Mortar

by Newton Waterproofing Systems

Single-component, fast-setting, Portland cement-based structural mortar, used primarily for the durable repair of concrete. Ideal for roads, runways, bridges, decks, floors and footpaths. Polymer-modified, and fibre-reinforced, Newton 203-RM is physically and chemically compatible with the host concrete, quickly exhibiting high adhesive and compressive strength. As a single component, requiring only the addition of water, the resulting mortar is rapid curing with enhanced polymeric properties and reliable strength development which is not significantly affected by low temperature use. The mortar can be used as supplied up to 100mm deep, or bulked out with clean, washed, sharp sand to form a high performance screed or for floor or deck repairs up to maximum depth of 300mm.

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