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Impactalay10 Acoustic Underlay

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Impactalay10 Acoustic Underlay

by JCW Acoustic Supplies Limited


JCW IMPACTALAY10 IS A 10MM THICK ACOUSTIC OVERLAY MATTING FOR TIMBER AND CONCRETE FLOORS OFFERS AN EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO INSTALL SOLUTION WHEN COMBATING AIRBORNE AND IMPACT NOISE. Impactalay10 from JCW Acoustic Supplies is the ideal solution for sound insulating floors in domestic situations. Can be used to bring the overall floor/ceiling construction up to the standards of Approved Document E in most Lath and Plaster and resiliently fixed, double plaster boarded ceilings 10mm Impacta overlay system could be considered for conversion projects based on the above structure Easily cut, trimmed and shaped for fast installation Reduces impact noise Improves airborne noise insulation www.acoustic-supplies.com/products/jcw-impactalay10/

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