DELTA-TERRAXX  Protection and Drainage System for Cellars

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DELTA-TERRAXX Protection and Drainage System for Cellars

by Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Capable of keeping cellars permanently warm and dry, Delta-TERRAXX is an all-round protection and high performance drainage system from Delta Membrane Systems. This product guarantees universal protection from hydrostatic water pressure, seepage, and artesian water as per DIN 18195 when applied as a second waterproof layer on top of existing cellar waterproof sealing. It protects perimeter insulation boards from moisture, safeguards insulation performance, and effectively separates the perimeter insulation from the soil. Delta-TERRAXX has less emissivity and, consequently, enhanced heat transmission resistance due to its silver surface. It can be installed swiftly straight from the roll without additional excavation work thanks to its two-ply structure.

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