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Delta Hi-PowerMaxx

by Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

The Delta Hi-PowerMaxx provides battery backup for larger pumps such as the V4, V6, Foul and Bespoke V3 basement pumps when there is a loss of mains power. If the pump loses power, the battery backup system kicks in and keeps the pump running (see spec for guidance on cycles per pump on the battery back up system). This allows the sump pumps to continue to safely discharging water from a basement even during a power cut. This battery backup is specifically designed to run one or two V4, V6, Foul and Bespoke V3 basement pumps without mains power. When power fails, the pump(s) automatically take power from the Delta Hi-PowerMaxx. This battery backup will have been fully charged during mains operation. It will automatically recharge when mains power returns.

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