Delta Hi-PowerMaxx XL

Technical data sheet

Delta Hi-PowerMaxx XL

by Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Hi-PowerMaxx-XL is specifically designed for pump applications. The unit provides battery backup to the Delta D10 pump, can operate in standby mode for up to 50 days and is virtually inaudible. If a power failure occurs, the pump automatically take power from the HiPowerMaxx-XL which will have been fully charged during mains operation. The Hi-PowerMaxx-XL will automatically recharge when mains power returns. Installation is simple, the unit is free standing and can be installed in any dry ventilated area. As this unit is fitted in series between the spur and the pump, no additional electrical spurs are required. The Hi-PowerMaxx-XL is part of the MaxxConnect family and can operate as a stand alone unit or can be used in conjunction with the AlertMaxx2 or Rego1.

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