DELTA-FLORAXX TOP - Water Retaining Drainage Sheet

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DELTA-FLORAXX TOP - Water Retaining Drainage Sheet

by Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Water-retaining drainage sheet in the DELTA-FLORAXX TOP range rom Delta Membrane Systems features an integrated geotextile for perfect green roofs, and innovative octagonal dimples for ourstanding compressive strength. This means drainage, water storage and filtration duties are carried out by one sheet which is easy and quick to lay out straight from the roll. DELTA-FLORAXX TOP is the optimum solution for flat roofs which are to be extensively planted with greenery that does not need much care. The octagonal dimples are additionally reinforced by ribs to make it highly compression-resistant, so that it will sustain even heavy loads safely. It therefore provides an extremely serviceable and economical foundation for green roofs.


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