Cellar, Basement, Soil and Sewer Vent

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Cellar, Basement, Soil and Sewer Vent

by Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Cast iron stand alone vent, used for centuries in properties around the country and now very much in vogue. This charming vent has two functions, either to connect to the stack of a sewar pipe to prevent loss of water traps when WC are flushed or to allow air down into cellars and basements. The sewar vent function prevents smells escaping from sewars by an ingeneous and simple non return brass flap fitted onto the removable front panel. For basement and cellar ventilation this flap is replaced with mesh to allow a flow of air in either direction. Both options use the same cast iron cellar/soil vent body with 4" (100mm) spigot and are available with aluminium or brass front plates.

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