Cast Iron Air Bricks Triple Brick Sized (nom 9x9 inch)

Technical data sheet

Cast Iron Air Bricks Triple Brick Sized (nom 9x9 inch)

by Cast Iron Air Brick Company

The triple sized cast iron air bricks are made from grey iron, cast in sand moulds bonded with resin to a fine cast finish. Here we look at the seven different types of our largest triple air bricks and the 12 x 6 inch. Mainly used as exterior air bricks for large properties and commercial buildings, the triple air brick is predominantly used to supply room ventilation especially for combustion of solid fuel appliances and to reduce condensation. They are also suitable for use as extractor ventilation grilles from kitchens and exhaust grilles for restaurants and commercial premises. These large air bricks can often be found installed in external buildings, garages and workshops and period industrial buildings especially around Victorian era.

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