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The MiniLine F30/F30 Plus/F60 fire rated loft ladder

Technical drawing

The MiniLine F30/F30 Plus/F60 fire rated loft ladder

by Premier Loft Ladders Ltd


The MiniLine aluminium fire rated loft ladder is specially designed for small ceiling openings. It is supplied as a ready to fit unit, consisting of a space-saving aluminium ladder contained within an insulated laminated wooden hatch box. The trapdoor is white coated to both sides. The MiniLine F30/F30 Plus/F60 are certified by MPA Braunschweig for either 30 minutes fire protection from below (F30) or 60 minutes from below (F60), for installation in either wood-beamed ceilings or concrete ceilings. For concrete ceilings only, the MiniLine is also certified to 30 minutes from below and above (F30 Plus).

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