FireMaster® Concertina™  Active Fire Curtain Barrier

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FireMaster® Concertina™ Active Fire Curtain Barrier

by Coopers Fire Ltd

Bespoke to each project, the FireMaster Concertina 'open' and 'closed' fire curtains are available in shapes, such as curves and L shaped, ciruclar and square, and available in any width with a maximum drop of 8 metres (5 metre drop if 240 minute integrity is required). Developed by Coopers to protect all building types, the FireMaster Concertina can be applied to atria, escalators, openings in walls, stairs and lobbies and cross corridor separation and will remain hidden within the ceiling until deployed. The FireMaster Concertina fire curtain is our unique folded vertical fire curtain barrier compliant to EN, AS, and Independently Third Party Accredited to protect from fire for 240 minutes in accordance with PAS 121 and BS and BS EN.

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