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Sheeted waterproofing and tanking systems

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Masterseal 754 Fully Bonded FPO Sheet Membrane System

BASF Construction Chemicals (UK) Ltd

MasterSeal 754 is a pre-applied sheet membrane waterproofing system consisting of highly flexible polyolefin membrane and a designed non-woven fleece. This unique system provides a durable mechanical bond, which is created when the fleece is completely adhered to the fresh concrete.

MasterSeal 754 is cold applied and pre-applied, as it is installed without heat or open flames and before the steel reinforcement is placed and the concrete is poured. The membrane can be applied vertically and horizontally with ready to use kicker joints and corner detailing making installation straight forward.

MasterSeal 754 is suitable for:

  • Below grade concrete slabs
  • Below grade walls with both single and double-faced formwork
  • For prefabricated construction.
  • Residential and industrial buildings such as housing, commercial, leisure facilities, manufacturing plants and warehouses.

System Build-up:

  • MasterSeal 754.
  • MasterSeal 934.

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