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Aluminium Rail for Paving and Decking

Wallbarn Ltd

Extruded aluminium rail with shaped profile for greater lateral stability to tiling and paving systems.

  • The rail measures 60 mm wide x 20 mm or 53 mm high, 2 mm thick and 2000 mm long (alternative sized lengths are available).
  • Rail has four shelves or lips on the outside of each corner protruding 4 mm from the walls. These shelves click into specially designed clips on Megapads and Minipads. Rail clicks into the clips giving a secure fitting but still allowing movement. Rail is therefore connected securely to the pedestal.
  • Tiling and paving - a further headpiece is added (see product details). This system is ideal for porcelain tiles and thinner natural stone slabs as it gives greater lateral stability across the tiled area and connects the individual pedestals together.
  • Decking - the aluminium rail can also be used on decking applications where the rail acts as the bearer or joist. The surface decking can be mechanically fixed to the aluminium rail into the ribbed groove fabricated on one side which can hold a screw fixing effectively. The 20 mm rail height makes ultra low height decking systems possible.

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