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WUM Urban Outdoor Furniture - gratings


An unconventional idea from a Constructing Architect and former Officer becomes unique design furniture under the Danish designer brand WUM. The furniture collection Urban Outdoor is based on very traditional PcP gratings, usually used, i.e. industrial and construction sectors, where very high strength is needed.

About WUM

WUM is a Danish designer brand and, in fact, short for "WoodUmix". In 2018, the journey started for Marius Øvrum and Peter Wallbohm Olsen - the partners behind the design company - with the explicit goal of designing and producing lamps and furniture in Denmark. WUM's designs must stand out from the market, and the focus of the concept is to offer products that are both designed, developed and produced in Denmark and could still be provided at competitive prices. WUM has taken the first step with garden furniture sets made in classic and Danish PcP mesh gratings.

With Danish production and development, this means that WUM will achieve a sustainable mindset..." It fits our moral compass, and we like the mentality of trying to create sustainable and responsible products", explains Peter Wallbohm Olson, co-owner of WUM.

Project criteria

WUM's approach to design projects involves close collaboration with all partners. For example, for the development of garden furniture, the idea of using mesh gratings was already in place. WUM, together with PcP, has developed the requirements for the design project based on the knowledge and experience of PcP. Both in terms of designing a beautiful and durable product as well as keeping costs down.

"That's very much how we think and work. So how can we create an exciting, new and different design product that we can offer at an attractive price for customers? Here, refining and processing classic industrial components is an obvious option", says Peter Wallbohm Olsen.

There was a significant focus on product design; how could you transform a traditional mesh grating to look like a real bench and a table? The criteria of appealing and unique design, durability and easy to produce were the focal point of the cooperation with PcP.

Solution and manufacturing

Together with PcP, WUM has developed prototypes for garden furniture. The gratings are made in bespoke dimensions for outdoor tables and benches in three different sizes (Small, Medium and Large).

The garden furniture is made of 33/33 mill finish steel mesh gratings with 25/2 bearing bars. Instead of 25x3mm edge bars most commonly used, they are made with 25x5mm edge bars. This solution reduces the deflection of the garden furniture as much as possible. In addition, mounting holes are made in the grates to suit WUM's mounting brackets. Finally, the gratings get an extra-fine finish in the form of sharp edge grinding and welding spray.


Once manufactured by PcP, they are sent for surface treatment: electropolish and then powder coating. As a result, the material and construction of garden furniture is a very durable solution for both weather conditions and capacity.

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