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Aluminium work platforms for industrial tipper trailers


The project was to provide an existing system with the new solution that offers high slip resistance according to evaluation group R13/V10* and to make it processable for a series production. For the new work platform on the trailers, a high-quality standard was to be achieved.

The task included strict criteria for using recyclable metal with a minimum of waste without compromising with quality. Furthermore, the platform solution needed to achieve a very high standard in terms of quality with an outstanding finish and dimensional accuracy. outstanding surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

The solution

Aluminium floors for tipper work platforms “From coil to finished product”

Optimal production technology in combination with high-performance materials enables production "from the coil to finished product" in terms of reproducible quality / extremely high dimensional accuracy / a perfect surface finish and economical production.

In cooperation with our customer and our suppliers in the field of material and surface protection, we have developed a solution that allows us to develop an aluminium floor for the working platform on our customer's tipper trailer, true to our motto of manufacturing "from the coil to finished product".

Due to our production technology of a sequence of several processing steps on a production line, we were able to develop a new floor for the working platform on our customer's tipper trailer using surface profiling (PcP Safety Grating Type US), we were able to achieve the slip-resistance classification required by the customer and certification by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA in Sankt Augustin) - according to evaluation group R13/V10. 

Furthermore, the tools and materials used have enabled the process accuracy and the processing speed to be optimized and improved to a large extent. In particular, the excellent cooperation with our material suppliers (special foils in order not to contaminate the tools with foil residues) enabled us to achieve a perfect surface finish as required by the customer. Further processing is therefore not necessary and minimizes operational ways and resources.

Quality assurance of products and series production

Due to the process-guided production, only the slightest deviations from the specified dimensional and quality requirements are possible. These are monitored and documented by instructed personnel and employees trained in the area of quality at specified inspection intervals. In particular, the product test bench set up for this purpose enables our employees to carry out a comprehensive test on the component and immediately correct deviations in series production


The result

Custom made flooring meets the strictest safety criteria for tipper trailers

Due to the partly optimized tool technologies and adapted or partly new procedures and processes, the requirements of our customer's specifications could be fulfilled to 100%. The requirements of the employers' liability insurance association and occupational health and safety could be achieved with a certification (IFA) according to slip resistance class R13/V10. This decisive requirement was accompanied by the demands for process-optimized series production while meeting the requirements for dimensional accuracy and perfect surface finish.

As a result, we are confident that we can supply our customers with a product that lives up to their name and market position.

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