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Waitrose Basingstoke


Leading retailer delighted with eco-busting new product.

As a long-time client of INTRAsystems, Waitrose in Basingstoke trusted our products again when it came to refreshing their Entrance Matting.

Looking to update their matting system, Waitrose were keen to try our latest and most sustainable Entrance Matting product. Opting for our new INTRAlink² product due to its sustainable qualities and market leading functionality, the 100% recycled PVC product was the perfect choice for a heavy footfall area. INTRAlink² is our latest innovative product that takes ease of installation to a whole new level. The modular Entrance Matting is a high-performance interlocking tile product made completely from recycled PVC, making it fully sustainable.

We worked alongside installers Axiom Group who were really pleased with just how easy INTRAlink² is to install.

“The system looks really nice, it’s easy to cut with a Stanley knife and glues down very well. The team like it a lot!”

INTRAlink2 solves the root of the problem.

For Waitrose Basingstoke, the main goal was to significantly reduce the risk of slips. Waitrose knew they needed a highly absorbent, heavy-duty product to be installed. Given there is a travellator that shoppers walk onto directly after passing over the Matting, avoiding high foot traffic carrying excess moisture onto the metal surface is essential to prevent slips. The 20 sq ft Mat Well was also located next to a trolley storage area. Because of this, the durability of our EPD certified INTRAlink² product a must. Waitrose had full faith in our product to supply exactly what they were looking for as a long-time corporate customer.

Effectively Sustainable.

Waitrose were keen to use the most sustainable products possible without compromising on functionality. Our INTRAlink² product was the obvious choice to cope with multi-directional traffic in a high footfall area. We created INTRAlink² with a 95% absorbent fibre surface coverage, making it hugely effective at removing dirt and absorbing moisture. Given its simplistic design, it’s incredibly easy to clean too! The 100% recycled PVC is a market first for Entrance Matting. We’re truly proud to be pushing the industry forward as we all strive for a greener, more sustainable future.

The Store Supervisor at Waitrose Basingstoke was extremely pleased with the finished Entrance Matting product:

“The quality of the INTRAlink² surface is leagues above the incumbent matting and looks to serve us well, particularly in wetter weather.”

Our long-standing working relationship with Waitrose & Partners is something we truly value. It’s great to be able to provide such a loyal client with our most innovative product to date. We believe INTRAlink² can make waves in the industry for its efficiency, its aesthetic and of course, its highly sustainable materials.

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