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BBA Happas Certificate - Retaining Walls
BBA Agrément Certificate

BBA Agrément Certificate

Certificate type

BBA Happas Certificate - Retaining Walls


Provided by British Board of Agrément (BBA)

British Board of Agrément (BBA)

Additional notes: This Certificate relates to to the Secura Grand Concrete Block Wall System for reinforced soil retaining walls and bridge abutments, comprising modular concrete block facing units, Fortrac Geogrids, graded granular material and compacted fill. The system is used for the construction of reinforced soil and retaining walls and bridge abutments up to a maximum height of 9 metres. CERTIFICATION INCLUDES: • factors relating to compliance with HAPAS requirements • factors relating to compliance with Regulations where applicable • independently verified technical specification • assessment criteria and technical investigations • design considerations • installation guidance • regular surveillance of productio

Date of first issue: 18/03/2015

Date of last issue: 03/10/2018

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