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AURA architectural seals product range

Lorient Polyproducts Ltd

The AURA® range embraces a discerning selection of drop seals, perimeter seals, door bottom seals, threshold plates and ramps - all with strong design accents. Every detail of the AURA® product range is considered and designed to integrate more successfully into beautifully designed doorsets and floors. A number of signature design details feature within the AURA® range; including a distinctive curved profile, which not only creates a sophisticated visual aesthetic, but also spreads and diffuses sound. AURA® threshold plates and ramps incorporate hardwearing tread strips which deliver greater grip under foot. The unique reversible design provides either a smooth or ridged surface, depending on practical and aesthetic preferences.

DoP - Wavin UltraRib Ring Seals


Declared Performances based on harmonized standard BS EN 681-1: 1996. Elastomeric Seals - Material requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications. KM07729 (BSI).

Linear Gap Seal - LGS v1

Siderise Group

SIDERISE LGS Linear Gap Seals are flexible, water resistant, intumescent linear gap seals that expand when exposed to heat. They provide a versatile means of sealing junctions between building elements against fire penetration.

Sikafloor 359 N seal coat

Sika Limited

Sikafloor®-359 N is a two part tough-elastic, coloured, non-yellowing, polyurethane seal coat. USES Sikafloor®-359 N may only be used by experienced professionals. Abrasion resistant seal coat with high mechanical resistance for broadcast systems with crack-bridging properties in industrial flooring Particularly suitable for car park decks, ramps and warehouses etc. CHARACTERISTICS / ADVANTAGES Tough-elastic Good mechanical and chemical resistance Watertight Good opacity Non-yellowing Matt finish Easy application Slip resistant surface possible

Gilgen SLX-D Hermetically Sealed Door

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

The GILGEN SLX-D hermetically sealed sliding door with patented pivoting mechanism prevents unwanted exchange of air as well as the penetration of foreign particles and impurities. The required pressure hierarchy can be maintained in sensitive environments such as hospitals, surgeries and pharmaceutical manufacturing areas.

Sure-Seal EPDM Roofing Systems Brochure

SIG Design & Technology

With more than 50 years of proven performance, EPDM roofs are noted for their resiliency. SIG Design & Technologys Sure-Seal single ply offers the ideal solution for commercial flat roof installations, featuring superior resistance to UV and weathering damage.

Sikafloor 264 epoxy roller and seal coat

Sika Limited

Sikafloor®-264 N is a 2-part epoxy coloured resin that can provide a hard wearing, seamless, low maintenance, smooth gloss finish or slip resistant finish when broadcast with different aggregate grades. Varying thicknesss can be achieved from 0.63.0 mm. For medium - heavy wear conditions. Internal use. USES Sikafloor®-264 N may only be used by experienced professionals. High build smooth coating system for concrete and cementitious screeds with normal up to medium heavy wear e.g. clean rooms, storage and assembly halls, maintenance workshops, garages and loading ramps Seal / Top coat for slip resistant broadcast systems, such as multi-storey and underground car park decks, maintenance hangars and for wet process areas, e.g. beverage and food industry

Charcon Portuguese granite paving, setts and kerbs

Charcon Hard Landscaping

Portuguese granite paving, setts and kerbs have been extensively and successfully used throughout the UK for decades, offering proven performance and aesthetics. With high strength and low water absorption, portuguese granite ensures long-term retention of appearance and aesthetics.

Bedding. Jointing. Sealing. Bovington Army Camp

Instarmac Group plc

BS 7533 is able to cope with extreme traffic conditions. The MOD tanks at Bovington Tank Facility required a surface suited to support upwards of 1000 standard axles per day. Damaged concrete was removed to allow the installation of Pro-Bed HS which conforms to the street demands of BS7533. The granite setts employed to withstand the exceptional surface impact, wear and tear, were laid on to the sub-base and grouted and secured with Flowpoint rapid setting grout. As part of a follow up site visit, it was found that although having been subjected to significant impact from an array of heavy duty army vehicles for more than four years, virtually no degeneration had resulted.

BS 7533 Bedding, Jointing, Sealing. MediaCityUK

Instarmac Group plc

MediaCity UK is the first purpose-built media community in the UK, housing over 2,500 BBC staff by the end of 2011. The project has provided a self-sustaining environment in every way which meant that UltraScape products, with their fast-track use and high specification characteristics, were an ideal addition to the sites development. UltraScape products were chosen to help construct the 40,000m² of paved areas.

Delta Sealing Rope Product Data Sheet

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta Rope is a dependable product used for the sealing Delta Plugs which do not have grommets to waterproof membranes. Delta Rope is ideal for sealing joints in MS20 and in stud to stud joints in other membranes within the Delta range of Type C Waterproofing Systems. Available as a 4.75m roll.

Acoustic, smoke and fire door seals - datasheets

Lorient Polyproducts Ltd

Gaps around the four sides of a fire door leaf are essential its the only way the door can open + close. But these gaps create a point of weakness, where fire can take hold + destroy the door, + lethal smoke can pass through. Lorients intumescent seals protect those gaps. Most of the door seals shown here are multi-functional + provide protection against fire, smoke, sound leakage + heat loss. These seals are used in the top + vertical sides of door leaves, or in the frame. The bottom of the door should be sealed with a threshold seal from our architectural seals range.

9.1. Dortek Hermetically Sealing Sliding Cleanroom Door

Dortek Ltd

The hermetically sealing sliding door has been designed for use i n pharmaceutical facilities and cleanrooms. The efficiency of the seal has been officially tested and results show it to be over 99% effective thus reducing cross contamination, dirty air entering the clean room and expensive air handling costs.

9.2. Dortek Hermetically Sealing Sliding Glass Door

Dortek Ltd

The hermetically sealing glass sliding door was initially designed for use in quarantine rooms. It gives a clear view of the room despite the barrier of the door. This is beneficial to the patients social well being and gives medical staff good observation. It is now used anywhere where openness and transparency are of great importance.

Delta Qwik-Seal Plug Product Data Sheet

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta Qwik-Seal Plugs are a watertight self- sealing plug suitable for our MS500 & Delta PT membranes. The rubber sealing grommet which is supplied with the Delta QwikSeal plug, seals the plug when it is hammered into the membrane or substrate to give a waterproof seal. There is no need for Delta rope in this method of application to create a suitable seal.

Showing 73-108 of 151