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3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection Engineered Safety Systems

3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection

3M DBI-SALA products have been proven in a wide range of fall arrest applications, including roofing systems, transport, industrial maintenance, building and façade maintenance, construction, telecommunications, electricity, utilities and public sector buildings for inspection work. They also undertake a wide range of special project work in areas such as leisure and tourist attractions, military infrastructure and heritage sites. One of the main causes of deaths and injuries at work is falling from height. When working at height is unavoidable and other means of protection are not possible, many rely on horizontal fall arrest systems.

3M DBI-SALA RoofSafe Anchor and Cable Safety System

3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection

The 3M DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System is a permanent top fixed energy absorbing roof anchor and horizontal lifeline safety system that enables unhindered, continuous protection for workers engaged in roof maintenance and inspection activities. SpiraTech force management technology minimises and reorients fall loads to within tolerable limits which enables the system to be installed on to a wide variety of modern roof types and to span up to 15m between intermediate supports. It is designed for top fix installation on to standing seam, secret fix, composite, membranous, and trapezoidal roof types.

GROHE Spa Colours


Colour is incredibly important. Having said that, if you ask ten people about their opinion of colours you get fifteen different answers. We all respond to colour differently. In the kitchen and bathroom - when somebody makes an investment in colour, it's not like wall paint, where that can be changed quickly. Our approach to colour, finish and materials is to ensure relevance in the home in many years to come- this is what we call design performance.

Rada S.PA 1 Shower Panel


Rada S.PA 1 is the innovative new slimline sports shower panel with integrated electronic button control and programmable flow options to save water and energy, plus timed duty flush settings to comply with legionella regulations for public washrooms. Robust and durable enough for the most demanding environments, yet stylish enough to complement high-end washroom design, it is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Case Study - Bermondsey Spa

H+H UK Ltd

Site E West comprises a medium rise, high-density, mixed-use development extending to nine stories at its highest point. The development will provide 114 homes. A medical centre, communal facilities, a bike store and other amenities will be provided at ground floor level. 62 of the homes will be housing for sale, 40 shared ownership and 12 keyworker units

Saga² - Fast Track Looselay Vinyl Tiles

Gerflor Ltd

Saga² is a fast track loose lay tile that provides the durability of a compact tile with the comfort of an acoustic tile. The vinyl loose lay tile overcomes the difficulty of many irregular sub-oors and prevents their indentations transferring to the surface. With a wide range of stylish designs available and is suitable for heavy trafc areas including ofces, boutiques, public areas as well as other administrative areas. Saga² is an ideal replacement for carpet tiles, it minimises dust allergies and is easy to clean and maintain.

Public Seating - Aeris

Tecno Spa

Aeris, the system of beam-based benches designed to afford ergonomic comfort during lengthy waiting times as well as technological support for the business or leisure traveller.

Clavis - Desks

Tecno Spa

Clavis is the result of a reflection on flexibility: when the relationship between individual space and community space changes, the products to offer should allow this reconfiguration at best. Clavis was created right for this: a project idea coming from a new gesture, instantaneous, evolved and synergic to the contemporary working environment. Hands are the only needs of the system, which can be assembled and disassembled in varied ways.

Tecno W80 Double and Single Partition system

Tecno Spa

W80 is a multi-award winning (Mixology Product of the Year 2018) double & single-glazed glass partitioning system, manufactured by Tecno Spa, an Italian based manufacturer of high-class office & loose furniture, public seating & partitioning. W80 has five patented components allowing for ease of installation, reconfiguration & product adjustment, whilst in situ. W80 offers single & double doors in both glass & solid. Whilst a single glazed, sliding door completes the offering. The 80mm Void can incorporate blinds, both manually & electronically adjustable, LED lighting, curtains & switchable glass. Entry-level panel offers 45db, as standard.

Tecno W-Qube Pod

Tecno Spa

W-Qube is a plug-and-play system of micro-settings, designed in a functionally independent way with respect to the surrounding architecture, which is ideal for co-working spaces and shared settings requiring speed and flexibility. The concept of Instant Design has given rise to W-Qube, a system of modular independent spaces freely reconfigurable along time featuring minimalist styling, glazing and panels that look as if they are suspended, which conceal a super-accessorised integrated automation system.

Multy - Innovative Acoustic partition system for co-working environments and more.

Tecno Spa

Multy is an innovative partition system for dividing and structuring spaces, for creating visual privacy and reducing acoustic impact in work areas, in particular to satisfy the functional requirements typically associated with contemporary co-working environments. The system comprises a panel which can be configured, combined with others and equipped using a simple, intuitive system and can be equipped with work surfaces of different shapes and sizes, as well as shelves and accessories.

Asymmetrical - Desk and Large Meeting table

Tecno Spa

The collection is characterised by asymmetric wort tops matched with the geometrical rigour of the support bases. Desks and large meeting tables are available in several combinations, dimensions and equipped with a cable management system hidden inside of the table in line with the formal pure lines of the series.

BETA Bench and Desks

Tecno Spa

BETA is a beautiful & innovative desk range from the Italian manufacturer Tecno. BETA provides a fetching design aesthetic, for the office, utilising details of the product, for the leg especially, along with chamfered edges & some interesting shapes employed on the Evolutive & Semi Evolutive desks. BETA can be utilised with a backbone this can provide stability to the desks (although they are all available in freestanding versions), handed storage to the user, cable management & break out seating. BETA is designed to resolve the needs of the creative office , Reshape the space , Adapt to peoples behaviour , Evolve over time

Public seating - RS RS2

Tecno Spa

RS is a seating system designed to provide maximum flexibility of configuration according to the projects needs. On the same structure, with one or two bars, can be positioned from 2 to 5 seats available in aluminium, wood, hide, fabric or printed sheet metal. The possibility to use both fixed and mobile bases increases the flexibility of the product. The RS Series, made of aluminium fusion or extrusion painted with anti-graffiti epoxy powders, is suitable both for interior and exterior.

W80 Technical Sheet

Tecno Spa

W80 is a partition wall with state-of-the-art technology that satisfies all possible structural, acoustic, equipment and flexibility needs and can be customised to suit any space.

Nomos Tables

Tecno Spa

How the person and space can interact in the easiest, most efficient and most cost effective manner: thats the concept of Nomos. In designing cars, boats and aircraft, space is effectively experienced as three-dimensional; Nomos adopts this kind of approach. Not only a horizontally versatile system, Nomos also captures the space above to be used in the moment.

WE Single glazed & Crittall Style partition system

Tecno Spa

WE is the ideal answer for small, medium and large projects which demand fast reconfiguration of interiors and easy redistribution of spaces. WE is a single glazed partition wall with a total thickness of 45 mm 1 3/4". Its simplicity and elegance make it suitable for dividing operational spaces. Its high-tech appeal stems from Cric (jack), the patent pending foot which makes for easier assembly and glazing adjustment. The Industrial version or "Crittall Style" stands out for the presence of 30 mm-high horizontal extruded aluminium slats and a slim thickness which ensures it remains flush with the vertical posts. The system therefore makes it possible to attach and detach the slats at any time, and to reposition them as needed.

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