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Tekno: Flush Security Door

Bluebell Architectural & Design Products

Championing the Oikos security door, the Tekno’s greatest design feature is its unique, invisible hinge, which disappears when the door is closed. This piece is ideal for projects looking to combine aesthetic refinement and high security or fire safety standards. Fire rated at El30, El60, El90 and class 3 break-in resistant, Tekno is the perfect security conscious replacement for the unappealing, regulation fire-door.

Tournex - automatic revolving door

Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

Available in large diameters with spacious segments, the Tournex is an ideal entry solution for applications with large traffic flow. This automatic revolving door is available with three or four door wings and can optionally be equipped with a showcase around the centre column that can be used as advertising space. There are various options available including: collapsible door set; idle speed; push-button temporary low speed; safety plus package; glass protection sheets; remotely controlled door set blocking; low energy lighting; air curtains; and floor mats. The night locking options include night locking doors and mechanical lock (door set).

C/S Acrovyn Doors

Construction Specialties (UK) Ltd

Designed to stand up to extensive wear and tear, C/S Acrovyn Doors are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including healthcare, education, leisure and transport. They utilise a tried and tested C/S Acrovyn impact resistant covering as a surface finish to provide increased performance, extended lifecycle and ease of maintenance. Available in a wide range of options and configurations to satisfy operational, performance and aesthetic requirements, they are suitable for new build and refurbishment situations. 30min or 60min fire doors, or non-fire rated options can be supplied.

CRL Shower Door Hardware

C.R. Laurence (CRL)

Create your perfect bathroom with our extensive range of shower hardware and accessories. From complete systems such as the popular CRL Hydroslide Sliding Shower Door Kit and the CRL Serenity Series Sliding Door System, to accessories such as hinges, handles, door knobs, channels and clamps, CRL offers the complete package of quality hardware and accessories.

DucoDoor Aluminium Louvre Doors

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

Choose from the DucoDoor Wall, DucoDoor Louvre and DucoDoor Grille in our range to find a louvre door that meets the buildings aesthetic, technical and legal requirements. Ducos louvre doors are suitable for fitting in technical areas - either on ground level or not, in car parks... both ventilated or as a (draught-proof) false louvre doors. All doors will guarantee a sleek and uniform frontage.

010 - Sliding Door Gear

F H Brundle

Our Sliding Door Hardware is suitable for doors weighing from 75 to 500kg and designed to suit many sliding door systems and applications, ranging from small domestic and commercial doors to industrial and agricultural doors.

Superior Folding Shutter Doors

Bolton Gate Company

Bolton Gate’s Superior electrically operated folding shutter is aptly named, being internationally accepted as the most robust shutter available. The Superior is particularly suitable for both heavily used and very large doorways on applications ranging from rapid acting fire and ambulance station doors to shipyards and aircraft hangars. Superior Doors have been tested for wind resistance and can be designed to meet onerous wind load conditions. Doors can be provided as a single or pair with the latter reducing the bunch dimension and operating twice as fast.

Eurofold Folding Shutter Doors

Bolton Gate Company

Bolton Gate’s Eurofold horizontal sliding folding shutter has outstanding strength and versatility which, combined with bespoke sizing, render it suitable for the most diverse range of external and internal closure applications, from the smallest commercial to the largest industrial openings. Eurofold doors are available in single or in pairs, manual or electric, and are an extremely smoothly operating durable product, capable of withstanding vehicle collision and even the severest wind conditions.

Circleslide - curved sliding doors

Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

Two sets of elegant curved sliding doors create the stylish and spacious entry that is the Circleslide. This sliding door incorporates self-learning technology to ensure incredibly smooth and quiet operation, while the two sets of door wings provide a small draft lobby that can be used to minimise air loss.There are various options available including: emergency egress package; interlocking mode; connection to external alarm system (e.g. fire alarm, smoke detector); push-button free out; key impulse switch; glass protection sheets; air curtain; floor mats; and authorized right entry. The night locking options include electromechanical lock and mechanical lock.

Circlelock - high security door

Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

This high security door accurately ensures that only authorised visitors are allowed access to a buildings most sensitive areas. Available in two sizes and with a variety of security systems, the exact level of security offered by the Circlelock can be matched specifically to your needs. There are various security options available, including: biometrics; stereovision, weight system; contact mats; and sensor system. All Boon Edam secured entry solutions can also easily be integrated with virtually any access control system.

Tourlock - high security door

Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

This high security door accurately ensures that only authorised visitors are allowed access to a buildings most sensitive areas. Available with three or four door wings, manual or automatic operation and a variety of security systems, the exact level of security can be matched specifically to your needs. There are various security options available, including: StereoVision; Weight System; Contact Mats; and Sensor system. All Boon Edam secured entry solutions can also be easily integrated with virtually any access control system.

Tournex Automatic Revolving Door

Boon Edam Limited

The Tournex is a sophisticated automatic revolving door with spacious compartments, easily able to cope with intensive pedestrian traffic flow while protecting the building environment from draughts. With a range of diameters up to 7400mm, the Tournex is large enough to safely accommodate shopping and luggage trolleys, stretchers and wheelchairs, making it a truly impressive and versatile solution.

Duotour - versatile revolving doors

Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

Two door wings, optional showcases on each end and either a set of sliding or swinging doors in the centre of the door set; the Duotour is one of the most versatile revolving doors available. It has two spacious compartments, automatic operations and is suitable to use in healthcare facilities or shopping centres. There are various options available including: showcases; glass protection sheets; air curtains; floor mats; and frost protection <-15°C. The night locking options include: mechanical locks (door set); electromechanical bi-stable lock; and authorised night entry.

Dortek Food Doors Brochure

Dortek Ltd

Dorteks range of doors meet the increasing standards of hygiene, food safety and fire insurance requirements of the food industry, which states; doors must be easy to clean, disinfect, and have a smooth nonabsorbant surface (General Food Hygiene Regulations 1995).

9.6. Dortek Retail Doors

Dortek Ltd

Dortek's range of retail doors are extremely tough, clean and ideal for demanding environments where performance and hygiene are crucial. Our range of GRP crash doors are built to last and do not suffer the day to day wear that can be caused by the movement of trolleys and equipment. Designed & constructed to industry leading standards, all our doors comply with the latest fire, DDA, hygiene & safety standards.

9.7. Automated Doors Brochure

Dortek Ltd

Dortek automation systems are designed to provide safe, efficient and convenient means of opening and closing doors in a controlled environment. Our systems can be connected to many types of activation devices from a basic push button to a fully integrated building management system.

Sliding Doors for Disabled Access

Eclisse UK

Eclisse pocket sliding door systems are a stunning alternative to traditional hinged doors, used to create more usable space and a modern light ambience without compromising reliability and strength. Adaptable for use in both new buildings and refurbishments, the Eclisse system is a practical and beautiful alternative to traditional hinged doors. The strongest of its type, the Eclisse steel framework becomes part of the stud wall, thus allowing the doors to slide effortlessly into the wall offering the maximum opening without encroaching upon room space. Eclisse UK offer full technical advice and support, both pre-sales and after-sales, and are happy to discuss your individual requirements. All Eclisse products are guaranteed for a full 15 years.

IDSystems heritage door brochures


IDSystems range of Crittall style aluminium heritage doors combine the aesthetic appeal of traditional steel doors with the modern performance of the latest in aluminium door technology. Available as single or French doors or in sliding door or bifold door configurations, the Art Deco inspired heritage doors are perfect for renovations of traditional homes of for adding style to contemporary extensions or new-builds.

Protecting Doors Brochure V5

Intastop Ltd

With over 25 years of being a market leader protecting doors for health, education and public buildings, Intastop is your ideal partner to satisfy a range of door protection requirements. Whether new or retro-fit we offer solutions to reduce maintenance costs, increase the lifespan of the door and frame whilst retaining fire integrity and aesthetics.

Hermetic Window, Door and Partitions

Metalform Group Ltd

The advantages of steel can be fully realised in the construction industry, as it is the only material which affords minimum elevation widths with maximum span widths. Steel also stands out by virtue of its environment- friendliness and sustainability. Our development team has translated stability and safety into a range of slimline and highly functional non-thermally insulated systems, which are also safety-certified. RPs service-oriented system specialists would be happy to discuss individual custom designs with you. In terms of processing, Our non-thermally insulated steel profile systems are impressively economical. In addition to being simple to use and process, with a wall thickness of 1.5-1.8 mm, the steel profiles and frames ensure maximum stability.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Metal Technology Ltd

Metal Technology's Bi-Folding doors are the perfect solution to open up your home and bring the outside in, while keeping the elements out. Our Bi-Fold doors offer a wide range of designs from two to six panes and up to 6 metres in width giving architects, clients and specifiers total design flexibility. Door sashes can accommodate either open in or open out applications, with both curved and flush profile door leaves and fully rebated or low thresholds.

SA258 Security Revolving Door

Safetell Ltd

Automated revolving door with a metal detector and two-leaf sliding-door. Self-managed, with single-person passage checking system. Internal turnstile with three wings. Ideal for projects revolving multiple revolving doors, including corporate buildings, data centres, leisure centres and areas where access control is mandatory.

Showing 181-216 of 616