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Aluminium Sliding Door

Metal Technology Ltd

Metal Technology's sliding door has been designed to offer the specifier a door with pleasing sightlines, and all the benefits of weather performance, thermal enhancement and security

Aluminium Commercial Door

Metal Technology Ltd

Metal Technology's commercial - non thermal - door, has been designed to act as a single door or as multi-acting doors. In combination with the other Metal Technology Systems, a variety of door jamb and stile formats can be achieved to give the entrance required

06 Doors Collection

Polyrey UK

Polyrey Doors Collection comprises Plain Colours, Woods and Materials selected from the Polyrey Collection

Rationel Door Catalogue

Rationel Windows

Showcasing a selection of the Door options available with our products, the new Door brochure is a guide to enable our Clients to select the best product for their project.

Glazed Security Doors

Safetell Ltd

Glazed security doors protect employees and organisations from many types of attack whilst maintaining the buildings aesthetic. Manual attack and bullet resistance can be provided.

Acoustic doors and doorsets

Shadbolt International

Standard Shadbolt timber acoustic doors and doorsets provide good sound insulation up to 35dB SRI Rw. High-performance acoustic doors up to 44dB SRI Rw can also be supplied. Purpose-made for each project, with extensive freedom to choose frame and edge details, glazing designs and ironmongery. Performance of standard doors confirmed by independent testing on normally operable doors with non-specialist ironmongery. Fire resisting acoustic doors also available. High quality appearance with veneered, laminate or paint finishes; can be matched to non-acoustic and fire doors throughout a scheme. Matching or complementing acoustic wall and ceiling panelling. Glazed apertures can be provided whilst retaining acoustic performance.

Fire doors and doorsets

Shadbolt International

Shadbolt timber-based fire doors provide fire resistance up to 60 minutes. Available as door leaves only or as doorsets, and as matching non-fire doors. Purpose-made for each project, with extensive freedom to choose frame and edge details, glazing designs and ironmongery. High quality appearance with veneered, laminate or paint finishes. Independent UKAS-accredited third party fire test reports or assessments for every individual door type supplied. Acoustic doors with fire resistance can also be supplied.

Sectional Overhead Doors

UK Roller Shutters Ltd

Overhead sectional doors are ideal in situations where head room may be restricted, and there is insufficient space to fit the box required for a roller shutter. This type of door slides upwards on side runners, which continue onto the roof area, so that aperture space is maximised when the door is in the open position. With insulating and sound reducing qualities, our overhead sectional doors lend themselves to a wide range of industrial and commercial environments. A foam core between the inner and outer steel sheets of the door panels prevents transmission of heat or cold, delivering a thermal performance which exceeds building regulations.

WICSTYLE - Door systems


First impressions count. For a building, it is the entrance door that creates the impact. WICSTYLE doors from WICONA welcome visitors and users of cultural centres, health clubs, sports and educational facilities, office buildings and many other types of building offering style and functionality. Whether new build or renovation, WICONA has a proud history for developing a wide range of doors to fit a number of applications.

Folding Glass Doors Bi-Folding Doors - General Brochure

Solarlux Systems Ltd

Solarlux Folding Glass Doors (Bi-Folding Doors)are available in different applications and opening options; inwards or outwards, made in aluminium, wood or composite framed. The use of glass doors in architecture offers openness coupled with security and creates individual living spaces, wide-open, flooded with light, which remove the barrier between inside and out. Whether the space is used for private, public or commercial purposes, our innovative glazing solutions are available in a huge range of different finishes for both new builds and renovations. Solarlux Folding Glass Doors are bespoke.

Folding Glass Door | Bi-Folding Door SL 97

Solarlux Systems Ltd

The Solarlux Folding Glass Door (Bi-Folding Door) SL 97 is a heat insulated timber system with an aluminium cladding on the outside. The SL 97 is the first folding glass door for passive house. Different variants can be chosen according to individual requirements. The Solarlux Folding Glass Door SL 97 can be folded inwards, outwards, to the left and the right – as required. The overall U-Value is 0.8 W/m²K (depending on glass). Protection against wind and rain is ensured by a triple wraparound seal. The overall width can be easily adjusted by a moveable hinge. Special finishes wood (optional from sustainable from a sustainable forestry) and sizes upon request.

Gilgen Sliding Wall System

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd

The collapsible sliding-wall system from Gilgen Door Systems optimises space usage while offering an impressive combination of design and function. Exhibition areas, conference rooms, business facilities, schools and hotels; anywhere, in short, that requires flexible room usage can benefit from the perfect solution offered by the collapsible sliding wall from Gilgen Door Systems. The desired indoor space configuration is quickly created at the push of a button. A wide range of leaf materials, possible configurations and equipment options ensure optimum adaptation to your specific needs.

Superior Folding Shutter Doors

Bolton Gate Company

Bolton Gate’s Superior electrically operated folding shutter is aptly named, being internationally accepted as the most robust shutter available. The Superior is particularly suitable for both heavily used and very large doorways on applications ranging from rapid acting fire and ambulance station doors to shipyards and aircraft hangars. Superior Doors have been tested for wind resistance and can be designed to meet onerous wind load conditions. Doors can be provided as a single or pair with the latter reducing the bunch dimension and operating twice as fast.

Showing 145-180 of 616