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zencontrol DALI-2 LCM - Lighting control modules

zencontrol DALI-2 LCM - Lighting control modules

zencontrol uk

Pluggable ten-channel lighting control module. Available as a Marshalling Box, intelligent DALI LCM or three-circuit DALI Room Controller.

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The zencontrol DALI-2 LCM has ten luminaire channels for control of DALI/DALI-2 and switching-only luminaires. DALI devices and switches can be 'daisey-chained' off any luminaire. Manual switches can also be wired into any of the ten screw terminals inputs.

The LCM will automatically address and configure DALI luminaires for standard features with cloud-based software used for any advanced commissioning (if required). LCMs can be connected together on a dedicated lighting Ethernet network or into the building's existing/ proposed ethernet network.

The Room Controller version takes full advantage of the self-addressing/ commissioning technology with upto three circuits in/ out and support of up to 64 luminaires and 64 devices divided in any combination across the ten channels.

The LCM is also available in a non-programmable Marshalling Box version.

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