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Z Purlins


A range of steel purlins which can be used as a replacement for wooden beams and steel I-beams. Purlins are installed with a combination of cleats and sleeves where required in the design, to provide overall strength.

Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 10326. Base steel is galvanized according to the Sendzimir principle with a zinc coating of 275 g/m², divided on both sides of the steel.

General information


Pr_20_76_51_21 Cold-formed galvanized steel sectionsPrimary


G12/330 Proprietary metal members

Specification data - Cold-formed galvanized steel sections Enhanced data

Standard product features

Steel grade:

  • 280 N/mm² – Z140, Z160, Z180, Z200 and Z220 only.
  • 350 N/mm² – Z250 and Z300 only.

Zinc coating:

275 g/m² (divided on both of the steel sides), thickness 20 μ.



Product Options

Load tables:

Consult manufacturer's literature for further information.

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