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An electric storage heater with a clean look and reliable performance. XLE is a modern replacement for older storage heaters.

XLE storage heaters offer dynamic storage calculation, adjusting the amount of energy that is stored to meet the user’s requirements without wastage. As a result, a greater amount of electricity can be saved with off-peak energy.

Users now have greater control over their heating with the built-in timer, allowing heating times and temperatures to be defined. Heat leakage, a common trait of conventional storage heaters, has also been greatly reduced allowing the room to be at a comfortable temperature in the morning and still have enough stored energy to heat on a night.

Features and benefits:

  • Harness off-peak electricity tariffs for low running costs.
  • Dynamically stores the right amount of energy to heat a room.
  • Fan assisted to quickly, quietly and more effectively distribute heat.
  • Programmable room temperatures with three seven-day timer profiles.
  • Supplied with energy cell packs.
  • Complies with Lot 20 of ERP Directive.
  • CE and BEAB certified.

Two year warranty.

General information

Specification data - Thermal storage heaters

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581 mm wide. 500 W output rating. 1020 W input rating. 7.1 kWh storage capacity. 340W boost rating.


703 mm wide. 700 W output rating. 1560 W input rating. 11 kWh storage capacity. 520 W boost rating.


825 mm wide. 1000 W output rating. 2220 W input rating. 15.5 kWh storage capacity. 740 W boost rating.


947 mm wide. 1250 W output rating. 2760 W input rating. 19.3 kWh storage capacity. 920 W boost rating.


1069 mm wide. 1500 W output rating. 3300 W input rating. 23 kWh storage capacity. 1100 W boost rating.

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Controls: Digitally controlled, electronic thermostat accurate to (±0.2°C). Setpoint range (7-26°C). Timer modes: 7 day programmable user timer, out all day, holiday. continuous heat modes: Setback.
  • Controller UI: Graphical display with RGB backlight. Capacitive buttons with audio feedback. User replaceable battery (coin-type).
  • Controller functions: Open window detection. Automatic charge control. History/ reporting screens/ boost mode, user adjustable. Heat demand % adjustment. Bluetooth for software updates. Child lock and landlord lock (PIN-based).
  • Energy cell packs required: XLE050: 4. XLE070: 6. XLE100: 8. XLE125: 10. XLE150: 12.
  • Safety features: Electronic overheat protection. Additional electromechanical overheat protection. LVD and EMC compliance.
  • Storage core: High-density bonded magnetite energy cells.
  • Battery backup: 3.3 V coin cell battery to backup real time clock. Battery life >5 years.
  • Supply: 1/N/PE 230-240 V / 50 Hz (peak/ off peak) Class II.


4. Dimplex Product Catalogue

4. Dimplex Product Catalogue

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