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Xflo Rectangular Permeable Paving


Suitable for all pavements from light duty pedestrian to heavy duty traffic.


A range of permeable paving blocks designed to provide a 'source control' sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) in combination with a sub-base specification.

Surface water flows through the joints and is absorbed into the underlying voided sub-base where the water is treated, stored and slowly released into the ground (infiltration) or the surface water drainage system (attenuation).

Features and benefits:

  • Designed to allow an initial surface infiltration in the order of 2000 L/s/ha.
  • Manufactured from locally sourced high grade aggregates with a fine textured finish to give a distinctive colour.
  • The standard 200 x 100 mm module size and colour range are compatible with rectangular paving.
  • The enlarged spacers on the sides of the block create 6 mm wide joints which allow surface water to pass through the paving.

General information




Finely textured




200 x 100 x 80 mm

Machine Lay is also available.


Pr_25_93_60_19 Concrete paversPrimary
Pr_25_93_60_19 Concrete paversPrimary


Q24/115 Permeable concrete block paving – total infiltration

Q24/117 Permeable concrete block paving – partial infiltration

Q24/119 Permeable concrete block paving – no infiltration

Q24/12 Permeable concrete block paving

Specification data - Concrete pavers Enhanced data



Manufactured to BS EN 1338.

  • Surface layer: Durable and hard wearing with a minimum surface layer of 4 mm.
  • Efflorescence: State-of-the-art factory controlled vapour curing significantly reduces this naturally occurring chemical reaction.
  • Tensile Splitting: >3.6 MPa. This pressure applies to all sizes and depths.
  • Strength: For specific force performance on a given size or depth please contact AG's Technical Specification Department.

CE marking:

CE marked; Certificate 04/1-7-13, attestation Level 4 CPR (2011) Annex V.

BS EN 1338.

Physical properties



Creagh Peat Brindle.

Crieve Mix.

Silver Grey.


Dimensions and associated tolerances


Nominal sizes

200 x 100 x 80 mm.

Machine Lay is also available.

Product Reference

Xflo Rectangular Permeable Paving

Environmental information

Embodied carbon

  • Carbon footprint: AG have a new state-of-the-art washing plant which enables AG to produce paving from 100% recycled waste aggregate.
  • BREEAM rating: 80 mm: B Rating – according to the Green Guide to Specification 4th edition 2009. A Rating can be achieved when used in conjunction with a prepared recycled sub-base.



  • Energy use: 100% renewable energy.
  • Water used: 90% recycled water.
  • Recyclability: 100% of this product can be recycled.
  • Manufacturing location: Produced in the UK using responsibly sourced materials.
  • Waste wood and plastic: 100% recycled.


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