Xflo® Plaza Permeable Paving

Xflo® Plaza Permeable Paving


Part of the Xflo® range of permeable paving block systems, available in the Plaza range of colours and finish; an outstanding premium quality granite aggregate washed finish suitable for all applications from domestic to commercial schemes.

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Xflo® is a range of permeable paving blocks designed to provide a 'source control' sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) in combination with a designed sub-base specification. All of the Xflo® block systems have been designed to allow an initial surface infiltration in the order of 2000 L/s/ha. Surface water flows through the joints and is absorbed into the underlying voided sub-base where the water is treated, stored and slowly released into the ground (infiltration) or the surface water drainage system (attenuation). Xflo® Plaza is manufactured from premium quality selected granite and other natural aggregates. The textured washed surface gives the appearance of natural granite stone but with the quality assurance of concrete block paving. Plaza provides a contemporary backdrop for either modern or traditional schemes and is suitable for all types of loading from pedestrian to heavy duty traffic. The enlarged spacers on the sides of the block create 7 mm wide joints which allow surface water to pass through the paving.

General information


Textured stone washed

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_60_19 Concrete pavers


Q24/115 Permeable concrete block paving – total infiltration

Q24/117 Permeable concrete block paving – partial infiltration

Q24/119 Permeable concrete block paving – no infiltration

Q24/12 Permeable concrete block paving

Specification data - Concrete pavers

Product Reference

Xflo® Plaza Permeable Paving

Size/ Type

60 x 200 x 100 mm

80 x 200 x 100 mm

80 x mixed pack (255 x 170 mm/ 170 x 170 mm)

Units not sold individually. An equal number of both sizes are stacked on the same pallet. Machine Lay is also available.













Standard product features


Manufactured to BS EN 1338.

  • Surface layer: Durable and hard wearing with a minimum surface layer of 8 mm. Minimum cement content 380 kg/m³.
  • Granite content: Granite and premium quartz aggregate in surface layer.
  • Efflorescence: State-of-the-art factory controlled vapour curing significantly reduces this naturally occurring chemical reaction.
  • Tensile Splitting: >3.6 MPa. This pressure applies to all sizes and depths.
  • Strength: For specific force performance on a given size or depth please contact AG's Technical Specification Department.


Textured stone washed.


  • Energy use: 100% renewable energy.
  • Water used: 90% recycled water
  • Recyclability: 100% of this product can be recycled.
  • Manufacturing location: Produced in the UK using responsibly sourced materials.
  • Waste wood and plastic: 100% recycled.
  • Carbon footprint: AG have a new state-of-the-art washing plant which enables AG to produce paving from 100% recycled waste aggregate.
  • BREEAM rating: 60 mm: A Rating – according to the Green Guide to Specification 4th edition 2009. A+ Rating can be achieved when used in conjunction with a prepared recycled sub-base. 80 mm: B Rating – according to the Green Guide to Specification 4th edition 2009. A Rating can be achieved when used in conjunction with a prepared recycled sub-base.

CE marking:

CE marked; Certificate 04/1-7-13, attestation Level 4 CPR (2011) Annex V.

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