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A modern, high quality panel that has been designed with traditional woven styles of fencing in mind. It is constructed from Jakcured pressure treated softwood, framed for use with slotted fence posts (Jakposts) and is available in two heights. The woven parts are not thin slats, but substantial pieces of Jakcured treated softwood that will stay strong, maintaining the structural integrity of the fence panel. One of the main advantages is the light and shade effects when sun shines through the panel. Wind resistance is also lowered due to it being semi-solid and the additional benefit is that you can’t see through it, even upon close inspection.


All timber materials are covered by the Jacksons 25-year guarantee. On timber products, only the unique Jakcure® treatment process delivers a 25-year guarantee against all wood boring pest and all forms of dry and wet rot.

General information
Specification data - Softwood framed panels
Product Reference

Woven Fence Panel and Gates


1.52 m

1.83 m


Not required


Standard product features

Panel width:

1.83 m.

Woven slats:

38 x 9 mm.

Product Options


1.78 m high.

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