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Domestic or commercial spaces.


Bi-folding door constructed from wood and aluminium with an 86 mm deep profile. Wood from sustainable forestry provides a unique living atmosphere and gives each bi-folding door an individual character.

The sub-frame comprises a static aluminium structure (mitre joint) that is laminated with solid-wood beams across its whole area, inside and out.

Features and benefits:

  • Wood and aluminium frame.
  • 86 mm overall depth.
  • 143 mm sightline.
  • Panels up to 2.8 m high.
  • Glass thicknesses of 28–48 mm.
  • Uw >1.0 W/m²K.
  • FSC® and PEFC-certified woods.


Domestic or commercial spaces.

General information

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Uniclass 2015
Sliding door and partition sets (Pr_30_59_24_80)Primary
Specification data - Sliding door and partition sets
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Woodline Bi-Folding Door


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Frame finish

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Floor Track

Floor track with 14 mm rebate, inward opening

Suitable for living accommodation.

Floor track with 14 mm rebate, outward opening

Suitable for living accommodation.

Floor track with rebate

Suitable for living accommodation.

Floor track without rebate


Minimal floor track with 0 mm height offset

29 mm deep.

Minimal floor track with 14 mm rebate

29 mm deep.


Insert requirement, glass thicknesses of 28–48 mm can be used.

Burglar resistance (to BS EN 1627 and BS EN 1630)

Not required



Fittings/ Accessories

Many options available, insert requirements from 'Options' below.

Standard product features

Profile system:

  • Thermally insulated timber window system with an overall depth of 86 mm in the panel profile.
  • Multi-laminated, high-quality wooden beams constructed using selected rifts and half-rifts.
  • Bottom-running; minimal load support required.
  • Edged (R2) timber panel frame profiles.
  • Single-piece, multi-functional bionicTURTLE® break profile force-fitted flush into timber panel.
  • Panels are manufactured with a form-fitted corner connection. A rounded collet fits exactly into the slot on the counter-piece, and an additional screw connection makes for an even sturdier panel joint.
  • Controlled drainage.
  • Runner and guide tracks integrated into the system.
  • Separate levels for runners and locking.
  • Built-in, concealed cable routing.

Sealing system:

  • The seal encompasses two all-round sealing levels with constant gap sizes and even seal pressure between the panels.
  • Weather sealing not interrupted by fittings.
  • Sheathed foam seals with optimum sliding properties.


  • Sustainable production.
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FCC), Chain Of Custody (COC).
  • Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).
  • Certified disposal in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001.

Technical characteristics:

  • Resistance to wind load (to BS EN 12210): C3.
  • Protection against driving rain (to BS EN 12208): 7A.
  • Air permeability (to BS EN 12207): 3.
  • Mechanical durability (to BS EN 1191 and BS EN 12400): 2.
  • Sound insulation class (to BS EN ISO 10140-2): Rw ≤42 dB.
  • Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters (to BS EN ISO 10077-1): Uw ≥1.0 W/m²K.

Product Options


  • Panels are inward or outward folding and can be designed to slide to the right or left.
  • Left and right sliding panel pairs also available.


Panel sizes are restricted in height and width according to the type of glass used:

  • Maximum panel width: 1000 mm (no more than 2400 mm high).
  • Minimum panel width of 800 mm for paired versions or 650 mm for left/ right sliding design.
  • Maximum panel height: 2800 mm (no more than 800 mm wide).
  • Maximum panel weight: 100 kg.
  • Maximum glass/ infill weight: 20 kg/m².
  • Wind and impact loads may limit the panel size.
  • Special sizes are available on request. Refer to technical literature for panel size diagrams.

Fittings/ Accessories:

  • Optional convection chamber interruption seals for improved U-values.
  • Up to three sealing level options available.
  • No protruding runner and guide tracks.
  • Locking mechanism integrated in thermal break laminated door stile and is single handedly operated.
  • For increased wind loads, additional concealed panel centring facility TwinX can be integrated.
  • System hinges for increased panel weights available.
  • Integrated system adjustment in subframe rebate.
  • Specially shaped stainless-steel running track with tapered roller allows the use of unguided carriages.
  • Quiet runner mechanisms with extremely long-life stainless-steel ball bearings and bearing surfaces.
  • Easy, smooth and wear-resistant runner assemblies with double row deep groove ball bearings and integrated anti-prying guard.
  • Carriage height can be adjusted during installation.
  • Sliding lock or optional lock-in-place panel for controlled ventilation.
  • High-grade stainless steel Solarlux designer handles.
  • Lockable one-hand-operation by means of special gearing with 24 mm throw.
  • Pass door available with latch-key-activated, multi-point lock and profile cylinder.
  • Secure hinge pin.
  • Easy Clean removable hinge pins with convenient release mechanism and operating error prevention device for cleaning the outside of panels which open to the inside of folding glass door units.
  • Specific locking points at spaced intervals allow the use of the removable hinge pin on paired as well as non-paired folding glass doors.
  • Lock monitoring by means of Reed contacts and concealed cabling.
  • Patented Comfort Snap panel catches with specified locking sequence.
  • Installation of the subframe profiles and the floor track on load-transferring plates with centering grooves and sealing cushions is optional.
  • Additional covering of the fixing screws in the frame rebate.

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