Wonder Yarn 26 - Artificial grass


Landscaping, play, multi.


Wonder Yarn uses a state of the art 'W' shaped yarn to offer the ultimate recovery properties after use.

The 'W' yarn is exclusive to the LazyLawn brand and has been designed to stand up, so when compared to more traditional flat yarns, Wonder Yarn is far superior and will show minimum signs of flattening over time.

Two heights available which covers all applications from lawns, patios and pool surrounds to roof terraces and play areas - the 36 mm height is suitable for lawns and play areas (see Wonder Yarn 36), with the 26 mm height for roof terraces and patios. Tested for UV stability to DIN 53387 and flammability to BS 4790.


Landscaping, play, multi.

General information


Mix of light and dark green plus caramel thatch


Polyethylene monofilament straight and polypropylene monofilament curled (UV stabilized)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_57_11_85 Synthetic grass surfacesPrimary


Q26/350 Synthetic grass surfacing

Specification data - Synthetic grass surfaces

Product Reference

Wonder Yarn 26

Standard product features

Roll width:

2000 or 4000 mm (± 20 mm).

Roll length:

25 m (larger roll lengths available in request).


Mix of light and dark green plus caramel thatch.


  • Material: (8000/ 8 dTex) polyethylene monofilament straight and (5000/ 8 dTex) polypropylene monofilament curled (UV stabilized).
  • Yarn quality: Environmental friendly, free of lead and cadmium.
  • Primary backing: 100% polypropylene, black, UV stabilized, weight 172 g/m².
  • Secondary backing: Black latex compound with a base of SBR, with drainage holes, 836 g/m².
  • Water permeability: 60 L/min/1000 mm.
  • Pile height: 26 mm (± 10%).
  • Face weight: 1250 g/m² (± 10%).
  • Total weight: 2258 g/m² (± 100 g/m²).
  • Tuft gauge: 3/8 gauge.
  • Colour fastness (xenon test): Bleu-scale > 7, Grey-scale > 4.
  • Critical fall height (tested to BS EN 1177): 1.2 m (no underlay), 1.4 m (with Lazypad 25 mm), 2.4 m (with Lazypad 50 mm underlay).

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