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  • Apply primer in a regular thickness at a rate of approximately 4–6m²/kg.
  • Use a wool roller or flat paint brush, ensuring complete coverage.
  • Leave to dry completely before over-coating (between 1–5 hours at 20ºC).


A priming solution for porous substrates, sealing anhydrite screeds and gypsum plaster. Use prior to the application of tile adhesives, levelling compounds and tanking systems.

Product should be diluted.

Regulates the porosity of surfaces prior to the application of adhesive or levelling compounds, and reinforces the cohesion of the substrate’s surface and improves the adhesion of mortars.

Reduces bubbling and aids flow of levelling compounds.


Not recommended for priming:

  • Wet or frozen surfaces.
  • Impervious surfaces e.g. existing ceramic or vinyl tiles or paint.


  • Surfaces to be clean, dry, sound and free from grease wax, etc.
  • Remove all friable residues (peeling paint, old adhesive for vinyl tiles, laitance, etc.).
  • Remove any dust.

Technical characteristics:

- Water ratio:

  • Concrete: 1:3.
  • Cement/ Sand render or screed: 1:3–1:5.
  • Anhydrite (calcium sulphate) screed: 1:3–1:5.
  • Plaster/ plasterboard: 1:3–1:5.
  • Ceramic/ vinyl tiles: 1:10.
  • Timber, steel or asphalt: 5:1.

- Coverage:

  • Concrete: 0.1 L/m².
  • Cement/ Sand render or screed: 0.2–0.4 L/m².
  • Anhydrite (calcium sulphate) screed: 0.2–0.4 L/m².
  • Plaster/ plasterboard: 0.2–0.4 L/m².
  • Ceramic/ vinyl tiles: 0.15–0.2 L/m².
  • Timber, steel or asphalt: 0.20 L/m².

Available in  1 and 5 kg plastic bottles.

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M40/10 Natural stone covering to

M40/110 Tiling to

M40/115 Natural stone covering to

M40/120 Mosaic to

M40/5 Tiling to

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