WDE 436 Pigmented

WDE 436 Pigmented is a two component water based epoxy coloured coating available in a wide range of colours or clear with a semi gloss finish. WDE 436 Pigmented is designed for light to medium wear conditions.


All loose substrate material, laitance and contamination to be carefully removed. The surface to be treated must be prepared by grinding, light vacuum assisted shot blasting, diamond grinding or machine sanding with coarse sandpaper. Surfaces contaminated with oil or liquid contamination should be heat blasted with the Addagrip Hot Compressed Air System or degreased as required. Substrates must be swept/ carefully vacuumed to remove debris. All surfaces to be treated must be dry and free from oil/ grease.

Do not apply when the temperature is below 10°C.

General information
Specification data - Resin floor coatings

Product Reference

WDE 436 Pigmented

Resin flooring



Two coats

Nominal thickness

___ micrometres


Battleship Grey (00-A-09)

Light Grey (00-A-05)

Silver Grey (00-A-01)



Tile Red

Standard product features


Two coats, roller or rubber squeegee applied. Cure time between coats to be a minimum 4–6 hours or until the surface feels dry and hard. Care should be taken around obstructions and protrusions to make sure that all the surfaces are covered.

Product Options

Nominal thickness:

Minimum thickness of 86 micrometres per coat – consult with Addagrip for recommendations.


Additional colours or colour matching is available on request; consult manufacturer for details.

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