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Wave Light


For internal acoustic use.


The ceiling object Wave with luminaire consists of a wool felt length set in waves on two black metal rings. The luminaire is fixed centrally by three bars. Thanks to the solid steel ropes, the system can get mounted at existing ceiling constructions in different heights. The ‘Reutlinger’ named steel rope holders care for easy and flexible adjustment in height. The ceiling object is available in three sizes.

The luminaires can get equipped with different options for regulating the light. Versatile fields of application for visual and acoustical optimisation in different areas are complemented with light-planning aspects this way. Thanks to the great colour variety of the natural wool felt, the system Wave can get aligned with different design concepts.

General information





100% pure new wool felt, 3 mm thickness.


890 x 890 x 27 mm

890 mm diameter.

1090 x 1090 x 34 mm

1090 mm diameter.

1290 x 1290 x 40 mm

1290 mm diameter.


Pr_70_70_48_62 Pendant luminairesPrimary


V90/510 General purpose luminaires

V90/510 Luminaires

Specification data - Pendant luminaires Enhanced data

Luminaire type


Ingress protection (minimum)

To BS EN 60529, IP20.






LED - 3000 K.

LED - 4000 K.

Frame colour/ finish



Reutlinger with steel ropes.

  • Reutlinger: Steel rope holders with sideward fairlead and joint with lock nut, thread M8, adjustable in height, zinc-plated in black.
  • Delta bolted joint: 39 x 47 mm, stainless steel A4, 5 mm. Breaking load: 790 kg.
  • Steel rope: 2.5 x 5000 mm, zinc-plated, loop one-sided, aluminium grouted, even rounded at the other side. three steel ropes per element can carry loads up to a maximum of 195 kg.


3–5 (dependent on the colour shade).

Reaction to fire

To BS EN 13501-1, Class B-s2,d0.


Insert requirement from HEY-SIGN collection.



Small - 890 x 890 x 27 mm.

890 mm diameter with 400 mm diameter luminaire.

Medium - 1090 x 1090 x 34 mm.

1090 mm diameter with 600 mm diameter luminaire.

Large - 1290 x 1290 x 40 mm.

1290 mm diameter with 600 mm diameter luminaire.


Manufacturer's standard.

1–10 V brightness control.

The classic version of a dimmer with a rotary knob at the switcher which controls the brightness by a potentiometer. As a technical precondition, four strands to the luminaire are required.

Casambi Bluetooth-control.

A Bluetooth-tool which is built within the luminaire and which gets controlled via an app for tablets or smart phones. The free-of-charge app (for iOS/ Android) allows versatile possibilities of control as switching, dimming and adjusting the colour temperature with tunable white luminaires. As a technical precondition, three strands to the luminaire are required.

Dali brightness control.

Software-based bus-system which has to be part of the domestic engineering to dim the luminaire. As a technical precondition, five strands to the luminaire are required.

Touch-Dim brightness control

Classic electric switch which controls the brightness of the luminaire by the duration of activating it. As a technical precondition, four strands to the luminaire are required.

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