Wave Baffles

Acoustic baffles for reducing reverberation in larger spaces with high ceilings to reduce noise, and improve audibility. The baffles are suitable for gymnasiums, arenas and swimming pools.

Wave baffles are designed to be suspended in wave-like form at ceiling level, providing high levels of sound absorption: alternatively, the baffles can be finished on both sides and hung vertically as a banner.

Baffles are manufactured in custom sizes that can be designed to create the desired drop between suspension points: typical drop is 150 mm at the mid point of the baffle.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_93_13_80 Sound attenuator infill unitsPrimary


K40/275 Fabric membranes

Specification data - Sound attenuator infill units

Product Reference

Wave baffles



HB, perforated






Consult CMS Acoustic Solutions for range and samples.

Product Options


– HB:

Fibre glass blanket fully encapsulated within a vinyl covering: all edges are heat sealed.

– HB, perforated:

Fibre glass blanket is fully encapsulated within a perforated vinyl covering: all edges are heat sealed. Heat bonded vinyl that encapsulates the fibreglass blanket.

– SE:

Fibre glass blanket is faced with sailcloth or other fabric facing, reinforced with a woven scrim. On vertically hung baffles the facing can be applied on both sides.

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