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A plasticizing and waterproofing additive for mortar and external renders. Improves the workability of sand/cement without the addition of lime.

Prevents water separation over time and provides a smooth mix. Particularly suitable for use when pebble dashing.

Once cured the cement mix will have a much reduced porosity leading to an extended service life.

When building up layers of render the addition of Sovereign Waterproofer will reduce the suction of the initial coat reducing the likelihood of the top coat cracking due to flash drying. This is particularly useful when pebble dashing as the surface remains 'wetter' for longer allowing more time for the aggregate to be placed.

Dilution: 1:30 Sovereign Waterproofer to fresh clean water.


  • Reduces water requirement.
  • Slight retardation effect.
  • Entrains air.
  • Forms tight render backing coats.


  • Less shrinkage.
  • Remains usable longer and allows full cure.
  • Easier to work and gives better freeze/thaw stability.
  • More durability and prevents flash suction.
  • Can be used with other admixtures, e.g. rapid hardeners, but they should always be added separately, not together.

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5 L

25 L


Reduces water requirement

Slight retardation effect

Entrains air

Forms tight render backing coats

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M20/449 Admixtures for cement gauged mortars

M20/62 Admixtures for cement gauged mortars

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5 L

25 L

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Liquid concentrate.