Waterfree Urinal

Water-free urinal, purpose made to maximize the flow to the waterless waste fitting and reduce standing fluids to ensure that the product is clean and odour free.

Fitted with the unique waterless waste design and diaphragm, urinal slabs are suitable for locations such as stadiums, public houses, nightclubs, public toilets and factories where there is a high frequency of use.

The waterless waste fitting is based on a simple principle of a silicone diaphragm that allows fluids to pass through the fitting, but stops odours entering the washroom. The urinal does not need any liquids, gels, scented pads or components to be replaced on a monthly basis.

The silicone diaphragm insert needs to be replaced at least twice a year, depending upon usage. A fragrance ring is available to fit on the top of the waste fitting if required.

The urinal slab is manufactured from 1.5 mm, grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel, and is secured with wall brackets and top edge fixings. Waste pipe fitting to the plastic waste fitting is 38 mm without the need for a conventional bottle trap.

Suitable for both wall and floor mounting.

CE Marked.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_93_84 Waterless urinalsPrimary


N13/18 Waterless urinals

N13/321 Urinals – waterless

Specification data - Waterless urinals

Product Reference

(G20125L) 205.0560.088

Left-hand waste outlet. 1200 mm wide.

(G20125R) 205.0000.066

Right-hand waste outlet. 1200 mm wide.

(G20126L) 205.0553.762

Left-hand waste outlet. 1800 mm wide.

(G20126R) 205.0553.763

Right-hand waste outlet. 1800 mm wide.

Standard product features

Size (h x d):

578 x 300 mm.

Waste size:

DN 40.