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Sovereign Water Repellent is based upon the active ingredient polyoxoaluminium stearate in an aliphatic solvent and is designed to prevent penetrating damp.

Can be applied onto brick, stone, concrete, masonry and other porous surfaces. Meets the requirements of BS 6477:1992 - Specification for water repellents for masonry surfaces.

After curing, will produce an invisible hydrophobic barrier. Treated surfaces will repel water, however the vapour permeability will be unaffected, allowing the walls to breathe. Will prevent penetrating damp and reduce the risk of damage caused to masonry by the freeze/thaw cycle.

Sovereign Masonry Sterilzing Wash is recommended to help remove any moss, lichen or algal growth from the substrate prior to application of the treatment.

Water Repellent is not suitable for use on new work. For this application Sovereign Aqua-can be used.

Water Repellent Double Strength:

Twice the level of active ingredient as the standard grade. As such, it is more suitable for use on either masonry with very high absorbency, or for buildings in very exposed locations.

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Water Repellent

Water Repellent Double Strength


5 L

25 L

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Clear, solvent based, ready to use.


4-6 m² per litre.