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Watco Asphalt Paint - Asphalt and Tarmac Paint

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Watco UK Ltd

High-coverage, coloured asphalt paint. 'Anti Slip' and 'Rapid Dry' versions are also available. Waterproof, UV resistant, one-coat application.

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Surface preparation

  • New asphalt & tarmac – should be sound and at least 3 months old. If any residual oils remain, the surface should be washed using Watco Concroff. Existing bare asphalt & tarmac – remove any grease or oil deposits using Watco Concroff.
  • Painted surfaces – abrade to remove any weak or loose paint. Check remaining paint is well bonded. Very smooth, glossy paint should be lightly abraded to provide a key. Watco Bio D can be used to remove grease and oil from painted surfaces.
  • Bare concrete – remove surface laitance, dust and any light dirt or grease deposits using Watco Etch & CleanWatco Etch & Clean also etches smooth, bare concrete surfaces to provide a key. Flush with clean water and allow the surface to dry. For the removal of heavier deposits of oil and grease, we recommend Watco Concroff, again, flush with clean water and allow the surface to dry.
  • New concrete – as a guide, new concrete should be left for four weeks to dry in the summer and six in the winter. The surface should then be prepared using Watco Etch & Clean and thoroughly rinsed away and left to dry prior to applying this coating.
  • Damp surfaces – this coating can be applied to residual damp which may remain after cleaning, but not where there is rising damp.


One coat is generally sufficient. On very porous or open-textured surfaces, two coats may be required. The first coat will act as a ‘priming coat’ and may be diluted with up to 10% water to assist with application.


The paint should be thoroughly stirred and should not be thinned, however in very hot weather, (25°C+), up to 10% water may be added to make application easier. Apply by roller and work well into the surface. It can be applied by brush but this may result in reduced coverage. Avoid applying the paint too thickly as this encourages water to puddle on the surface and as such may become slippery. If a second coat is required, apply it as soon as the first coat is dry (generally 6 hours), and within 5 days of applying the first coat. If more than 5 days elapse, the first coat should be lightly abraded before the second coat is applied. Avoid washing the surface for 7 days.


Our unique formulation creates a flexible, waterproofing coating that’s most suited for use in light to medium-trafficked areas, such as private car parks, driveways, tennis courts, playgrounds and warehouses. It is quick and easy to use for painting large areas, and ideal for highlighting hazards, and marking out parking bays and pedestrian areas. It has excellent UV resistance which helps protect against fading. For heavier wear areas Watco Heavy Duty Traffic Paint is also available.

Features and benefits:

  • Transforms, dull, drab asphalt and tarmac
  • Excellent resistance to UV and weathering
  • Flexible water-based acrylic – quick and easy to use
  • Colours, protects and waterproofs with just one coat
  • High pigment level offers excellent hiding power
  • Breathable
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Virtually solvent free and odourless – safe to use inside as well as outside
  • Suitable for both asphalt and concrete
  • Superior performance demonstrated by ISO testing to CE Mark EN1504-2

Areas of use:

  • Marking out parking bays and pedestrian walkways
  • Colour coding and highlighting hazardous areas
  • Warehouses
  • Playgrounds
  • Tennis courts
  • Private Car parks
  • Driveways

General information











Water based.




Pr_35_31_85_47 Line marking paintsPrimary
Pr_35_31_22_18 Concrete floor paints


M60/195 Special coating

M60/18 Special coating

Product range

Paints and Coatings / Floor Paints

Specification data - Line marking paints


For painting large areas of asphalt. Suitable for playgrounds, tennis courts, marking out parking bays, pedestrian walkways, and colour coding hazardous areas.




Mid green.

Mid grey.

Tile red.


Applying coating.

Product Reference

Asphalt Paint

Dry film thickness

140 microns.

Wet film thickness (minimum)

200 microns.

Abrasion resistance

191 mg.

To ISO 5470-1.

Impact resistance

Class 3.

To ISO 6272.

Scratch resistance

8 N.

To ISO 4586-2.


3.3 MPa/Nmm².

To EN 1542.

(To ISO 2409 - Class 0).


7 H.

Wolff-Wilborn Hardness Test.


2 mm.

To ISO 1519.

Volatile organic compound (VOC) level

10 g/L.

Sustainability data

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


Technical Data Sheet: Asphalt Paint

Technical Data Sheet: Asphalt Paint

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