Wall Extension System


A shallow section (8 mm deep) channel which can be screwed to existing walls using plugs and coach screws and a stainless steel sliding wall tie that will accommodate any common size or type of masonry. Available as a 3m long channel section with plugs, screws and either WTS3C36 safe ended ties or WTP3C36 plain ended ties and WDS debonding sleeves for use in movement joints.

Available in a kit comprising 3000 mm long channel section complete with ten ties (WTS3C36 or WTP3C26 ties complete with plastic de-bonding sleeve), plugs and screws.

General information


Grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel

Uniclass 2015

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F30/241 Wall starters/ connectors

F30/39 Wall starters/ connectors

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Product Reference





75 mm


100 mm

WTS3C36, WTP3C36

125 mm

WTS3C36, WTP3C36

150 mm

WTS3C36, WTP3C36

175 mm

WTS3C36, WTP3C36

200 mm

WTS3C36, WTP3C36

225 mm

WTS3C36, WTP3C36

250 mm

WTS3C36, WTP3C36




Plug and screw for fixing to concrete/brickwork.

Standard product features

Restraint channel:

WC36 – 3000 mm.


Grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel.

Product Options

Product reference:

  • Wincro WC36 – Shallow section channel, 3 mm long with pre-punched holes.
  • Wincro WTS3C36 – Safe ended channel tie for use with WC36 surface fixed channel. Available in 8 lengths from 75-250mm.
  • Wincro WTP3C36 – Plain ended channel tie for use WDS debonding sleeve to WC36 surface fixed channel. Available in 7 lengths from 100-250mm.

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