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Designed to integrate with most semi-recessed basins, the top is manufactured to a depth of 350 mm and is available in a variety of different colours. It is supported on a cantilevered support system, with lift-off panels to the front concealing the pipework and with an optional upstand. Available with high-pressure laminate top or Corian solid surface top, the product can be tailored to suit adult or children’s use.

General information


High pressure laminate


Pr_40_20_96_42 Integral washbasins and vanity topsPrimary


N10/145 Vanity and washroom furniture

N13/341 Vanity tops with formed washbasins

N13/30 Washbasins

Specification data - Integral washbasins and vanity tops






18 mm moisture-resistant MDF core, faced with high-pressure laminate from standard range of colours. Sited 870 mm from finished floor, 350 mm deep with profiled 200 mm downstand to front.

Finish and colour

Corian, 13 mm solid surface.

Insert colour from standard range..

Moisture-resistant chipboard faced with High Pressure Laminate.

Insert colour from manufacturer's standard range.

Integral accessories

Access panels pre-hung on framework on one pair of zinc alloy die-cast panel hinges, secured with one pair of zinc alloy die-cast security catches.


Full aluminium framework. Extruded vertical aluminium sections, connected by horizontal cross-rails and supported by zinc-plated carbon steel adjustable feet.

Access panel

12 mm compact grade laminate, edges square and polished.


Vertical infills manufactured from 15 mm moisture-resistant chipboard/ MDF core, faced with specified high-pressure laminate. Skirting: 15 mm plywood faced with specified finish.

Moisture-resistant chipboard faced with High Pressure Laminate.



Not required.



 Insert colour from manufacturer's standard range.


Product Reference

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