ViLX-IPB Weatherproof Type B Refuge Outstation

These are primarily used by the public in disabled refuge areas located in outdoor or wet locations, these should be provided on or near all protected stairwells to allow the orderly evacuation of people requiring assistance.

Refuges are not just for wheelchair users, but for all people who may slow the egress of evacuees, and typically refers to those who cannot walk 200m without stopping or aid.

The unit is supplied in a 200x200x80mm IP65 enclosure with a front label meeting the signage requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document B Volume 2.

General information


IP65 cased hands free full duplex operation, braille enhanced call button, standards compliant signage integrated in design, red status LED, induction loop output


Painted RAL 7035


Texture painted steel


80 x 200 x 200 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_75_75_94_23 Disabled refuge outstationsPrimary
Digital objects
PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
- 1 2.1
- 1 2.1
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