ViLX- Commander Graphics system

LX-Commander is a replica of the master station (which still must be fitted) and allows hi-resolution maps or graphical representations to be displayed with buttons overlaid representing the EVCS outstations and Assist Call emergency assistance alarms. Area buttons allow screens to be linked enabling overview and zoom screens to be quickly implemented.

The application contains full editing capabilities, password protected, allowing the user or engineer screens of bitmaps or JPEGs to be imported, allowing a COTS approach to the GUI with maximum flexibility without all the issues attached with bespoke software.

Everything is contained within a panel PC (except for the EN54-4 power supply) and a simple cat5 cable connects to the nearest expander.

General information


Touchscreen panel PC with solid state drive, integrated telephone handset, full status indication, logging of calls and faults


Stainless steel


1920 x 1080 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_75_75_94_22 Disabled refuge master stationsPrimary
Digital objects
PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
- 1 2.1
- 1 2.1
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