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VerdiRoof Intensive Green Roof System

Intensive green roof designed to provide recreational space for a building’s occupants. It can contain a variety of plants, shrubs and trees.

System components:

  • Rhepanol hg.
  • Verdi-Drain-U.
  • Verdi-Drain25.
  • Verdi-Drain-F.
  • VerdiRoof Extensive.
  • Vegetation.
  • Decorative aggregates.

General information
Specification data - Intensive green roof systems
Product Reference

VerdiRoof Intensive Green Roof System

Waterproofing membrane

Rhepanol hg

Protection layer


Drainage layer


Filter membrane


Planting medium -

VerdiRoof Extensive


Insert requirement, ≥300 mm dependent on planting specified.


Insert requirement, a broad variety of trees, shrubs, bushes, grasses and other plants are available.

Vegetation barrier

Decorative aggregates

Standard product features

Build-up height:

250–1500 mm.


≥285 kg/m².

Waterproofing membrane:

High quality single ply membrane with excellent green credentials, designed especially for green roofs.

Protection layer:

300 g/m² moisture retention layer which also protects the waterproof layer.

Drainage layer:

High capacity reservoir with quick drainage properties made from recycled high density polystyrene. 25 mm deep dual cuspated and perforated.

Filter membrane:

150 g/m² particle fleece separating VerdiRoof growing medium to avoid saturating the rootzone.

Planting medium:

Specialist mineral based plant growing medium consisting of pumice, bark compost and unique carbon capture pellet. Factory blended and stabilized against de-mixing, the substrate provides a high total pore volume balanced with good nutritive substance buffering for exceptional plant germination and growth, while providing carbon negative figure of 7 kg/m³.

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